Monday, April 26, 2010

A Couple of Lead Balloons

I thought it was just an ordinary headache at first. At first, I thought maybe it was Carl's insistance on us wearing red at all times. I know his red suit made my eyes hurt. But aspirin didn't make the pains go away.

And then I saw them up there, hovering near the ceiling: some familiar, huge, black and white disembodied heads. And I knew those two: it was dear old Mom and Dad, that's who. Parents: you just can't get away from them, right? It must be the strings tied onto the end of the balloons: invisible, sure - but there, all the same.

Mom, Dad, I shouted up at them, What are you doing here?

Dad said: Don't marry Carl, Sheila. He'll make you miserable!

And Mom chimed in: His way of life is wrong...and sinful.

Um, could you possibly be a little more specific? I said.

Mom said: Well, take a look at that red suit of his, for one thing. That is a sin against fashion, for a start.

And Dad added: And I think he dyes his hair, too. Nobody in the world was ever born with that shade of orange - not even Bozo the Clown!

Carl gave me a funny look. "Sheila darling," he said, "I knew there was something strange about you. My parents warned me about this! They said: don't marry Sheila, Carl - she talks to invisible balloons up on the ceiling and says they are her parents. What sort of girl comes from a family of black and white parade balloons?"
I sighed. Hadn't Mom and Dad warned me that I should marry another balloon head and not try to pass as a Regular Girl? Just be myself, in black and white, up on the ceiling. Because these magic red pants weren't going to work forever, you know. Soon I'd be a big headed balloon again, just like them. And I had a feeling Carl wasn't going to be too impressed.

[From Cover Browser - bigger version over there, too.]


FreshHell said...

Thank you for the laugh on a Monday morning. I love this site.

Beth (Margie and Edna's Basement) said...

I don't know; you'd think with her red pants and his red suit, they'd be a match made in heaven.

Barbara said...

Damn, so I'm not the only one with black and white disembodied heads floating around above me! YAY!!

Sassy Lassies Vintage Life said...

Loved it...was a little slow in the head this morning myself...guess I was a bubble head. Once the fog cleared I laughed and laughed. Thanks!!!

Jennifer said...

Very funny -- and I wonder how many searches of "disembodied heads" will end up here? ;)

Dr. Julie-Ann said...

She looks like she is getting ready to detach her head so she can join the disembodied heads!

Melanie said...

Disembodied mom looks like she's been hitting the cooking sherry pretty hard.

Thanks for the laugh!

Eric said...

Good one!

I wonder what segment they were marketing to with a comic book about marriage? Very. Odd.

Francy said...

OMG, too funny!

Bill said...

I don't like the way Carl is standing. He looks mean. I think Sheila should run like the wind.
Mom is probably whispering that same advice to Shelia. "Take a powder, Sheila, and slip out the back door, or you'll end up a battered wife like me. Look what your father did to my face this time. Save yourself!"

Tori Lennox said...

I'm with Bill! Carl does look like he's got a mean streak. It's probably that red suit. Nobody could be happy dressed that way.

Kath Lockett said...

Sheila regretted her marriage the second they arrived home from their honeymoon and Carl insisted on only ever speaking to her from behind, saying that "Those red capri pants of yours are louder than the lounge!"

Lidian said...

FreshHell - Thank you :)

Beth - I know, they have so much in common!

Barbara - Oh no, this is very common...

Sassy Lassies Vintage Life - That is just how I feel most mornings.

Jennifer - I don't know, but on Alexa they seem to think that most people ending up here are searching for toilet paper and/or Dixie Cups. Have not wanted to analyze this too much.

Dr. Julie-Ann - That's the plot of the next issue.

Melanie - And who could blame her? ;)

Eric - Girls, I think. But I don't know why they would enjoy this sort of thing.

Francy - You should see some of the other covers! It was hard to choose among them. I'll be going back again, I'm sure.

Bill - Yes, that disembodied mom knows more than she's saying.

Tori - I agree. I do not like that Carl and I don't like his red suit either. Perhaps he is Santa's evil cousin?

Kath - You've read this series before! lol

jogjashoppingcenter said...

i think that is great to see, and i will search for it, dropped !

Marcheline said...

And note the way the girl making the bad decisions has thunder thighs. All the girls with great decision making abilities have lithe limbs and tiny waists, everyone knows that!