Friday, April 16, 2010

A De Luxe Mo-Tel Room

The word motel (or mo-tel, as it was originally written) is short for Motor Hotel, as you probably know - the motel was designed around the idea of car travel and the concept of being able to park your car right outside your room. The first one, the Milestone Mo-Tel, dates from 1925; you can read about it over here at Beach California, too.

This wonderful postcard is from the Park Mo-Tel in San Antonio, Texas. I am guessing that this dates from somewhere in the 1940s. Although I did have a night table and single bed with fake gold curlicues on them, not quite so De Luxe as these, though - and that was in the 60s. So it could be the 50s or 60s. Somewhere in there, anyway.

And speaking of De Luxe - check out that Bed De Luxe, as noted in the postcard caption. It may seem like an ordinary double bed - albeit with some curlicue trim that matches the bureau, the mirror and the wastebasket (very fancy!) - but it is, in fact, De Luxe. But why it is so, no one can say.


Other De Luxe elements of this mo-tel room include the swirly table legs (on your left), the pedestal sink and the snappy radiator in the corner. We had radiators just like that once in Boston and I enraged the landlord (who lived downstairs) when the Radiator Guy came to check them, because I hadn't - done something, let the hot water out, or had not let it out, or something. Didn't learn a thing from the Radiator Guy, did I?* I'd be avoiding the radiator in this room, anyway. Think I'll just sit in the chair (just visible, a bit, in the right foreground) - and drink in the incredible De Luxe atmosphere.

*I may have told this hilarious anecdote before - have creeping sense of deja-blab. If so, please disregard, just like I seem to have disregarded the lecture I got on the Care and Feeding of Radiators way back when.

[The postcard image is from SA_Steve at Flickr.]


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Sweet! I need a vacation and this is the place!

Barbara said...

Now there would be less furniture and everything would be bolted down.

Steve said...

I almost wrote an article on the first motel in the world. It's in California, and kind of an interesting story. There was too much conflict on when it opened though, so I couldn't use it. Oh well. Here's a link describing it:

Tori Lennox said...

At least the motel manager isn't standing there pointing out where the dead body is stashed.

Bill said...

Tori has a good point. The "more room; less creepy mo-tel manager" seems to work better.
This room certainly is more homey than most. Looks quite clean & orderly. Very white. Very, very white. You may only eat cauliflower and blanc-mange in this room, or have a glass of warm milk to help you sleep. If you must eat a candy bar, the machine vends Zero bars only.

Kris said...

Doesn't look like there's much to do except drink in this room. All that white would driv me mad. My kids always ask what the difference is from a motel and hotel. Here's a good lesson for them. Good to see ya again!! I've been busy, busy, busy! I need to keep up with my daily dose of humor with you. Kris

Mimi said...

Fancy schmancy. The curlicues are just fab. I always ask about that whenever I book a hotel room. "Do you have a king-sized bed? Hair dryer? Internet access? Curlicues?" The curlicues are a deal-breaker.

Lidian said...

1950s Atomic Ranch House - Oh, me too!

Barbara - Especially that fab wastebasket!

Steve - Thanks for the link, I will check it out :)

Tori - That's a plus.

Bill - And those white chocolate bars with the Oreo crumbs in them, I can't remember the name or whether they are still around...

Kris - Great to 'see' you too! :)

Mimi - I do love a good retro curlicue.

Lidian said...

Steve - I just put a link in to Beach Calfornia, that was great!

Marcheline said...

Come on, guys... you KNOW what makes this no-tell mo-tel "deee lucks"... MAGIC FINGERS!