Friday, April 30, 2010

An Italian Masterpiece

Who knew that the Green Giant was a master chef, trained in the art of classic Italian cuisine?

And who knew that creamed corn topped with tomato slices was a culinary masterpiece from Italian cuisine?

And who believed this sort of thing, even in 1961?

I do like the bowl, though. It is striped to evoke the colors of the Italian flag. That must be the secret - whatever you stick in that dish becomes - by association - an Italian Masterpiece.

Just remember - unlike the Green Giant - to hide the can.

[From Life, April 14, 1961.]


FreshHell said...

Oh. God. Is that a big enough bowl of corn, or what? I am glad to know what to do with all these tomatoes I'm growing. Usually I just let them rot on the vine because, while they're pretty, I don't know how to use them. Now, thanks to Green Giant, I do. Guess we'll be eating a lot of corn this year.

Anonymous said...

Reading this just reminded me that um, I think I had a crush on the Green Giant when I was a kid. He was so big and strong and not as angry as the Incredible Hulk. But I still hated creamed corn. - G

Barbara said...

Yes, yes...creamed corn...the Italian delicacy most people are unaware of. By the magical insertion of tomato, any dish becomes an Italian classic.

(See: Chef Boy Ar Dee)

Mimi said...

For some reason, this made me think of my mom & giggle. We have an inside joke that when you add Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup to anything, it magically becomes "gourmet". For example: "Gourmet Chicken" or "Gourmet Green Bean Casserole".

Maybe the same rule apples to Green Giant canned veggies. They make every dish a "masterpiece"!

Lidian said...

FreshHell - And you'll feel so International while doing so!

Georgina - I have some more Green Giant ads in mind, so there will be more of GG (NOT the Governor General!). I hate creamed corn too.

Barbara - Oh yeah, if you serve Chef Boy Ar Dee as well you will SO impress even the most discerning guests! It will feel like being in a fancy restaurant in Rome, I'm sure.

Mimi - So true! And there were 5 other incredible recipes in the ad (it was a double-page ad) but...I just didn't have the strength for them all yesterday ;)

kris said...

What is that on top of the tomatoes? Parmasean cheese? Yick! I actully thougt that was peperonni on the corn. That would be worse!

Marcheline said...

Of course the real secret is slapping a tomato and some parmesan cheese on top! Got some leftover refried beans? Throw down some sliced tomatoes and parmesan on those bad boys, and your burrito buddies are now an Italian masterpiece!