Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lilly Daché and the Giant Salad Hat

The new bottles and the new labels are the least of what is going on here. Smooth-pouring bottles so elegant you could put them right on the table!

Or even better, you could put them right on your head. You'd have to keep your head very still, and it might not be all that comfortable - but who cares, when you can look like this?

The Salad Hat was designed by Lilly Daché, who was a very famous French milliner and designer. She was known for her fanciful designs, though perhaps this Salad Hat is less well known than some of her other hats.

We know that the Salad Hat is a Lilly Daché creation because the bouquet of peppers (or little cucumbers) is saying that it is (you can see this in the bigger version, link below). They know all about fashion for some reason. I don't know why, but they do.

The carrot earrings don't know much, but then they still have some dirt on them. Not quite ready for the world of high fashion, are they?

You may also want to know that the Miracle French Dressing (on your left) is "the real man-type dressing" (the other two bottles have no sexual preferences). What is the Miracle? Red Dye #2, apparently.

And finally,  here comes the punchline (of sorts): When you wear this fabulous Kraft/Lilly Daché hat, you will not only be a Fashion Plate, you will also be a Salad Plate, too.

The wonderful Salad Hat ad is from clotho98 at Flickr; the really big version of the salad hat is here. And the straw Almost A Salad Hat is from Vintage Textile.


Anonymous said...

Your post headline was the funniest thing in my Google Reader this morning! It could easily stand all on it's own. And why do I have visions of that model and Paul Newman shacking up? - G

JD at I Do Things said...

Ah, thanks for reminding me that I have some lettuce in the fridge. Also, thanks for reminding me that I need a new hat.

wngl said...

I'm speechless, Lidian, this is too funny.

OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

LOL!! Love your blog and fun Retro stuff ~ Thanks for sharing it all with us!

Tori Lennox said...

Is Lilly related to Carmen Miranda???

Kath Lockett said...

Sweet Miracle Dressing - so *that's* what I've been doing wrong. I've been blindly putting my lettuce, peppers and carrots in a *bowl* on the table and not *on my head*.

I have a job interview tomorrow morning and I think that *this* is the look I'll be going with - wish me luck - oh hell, I don't *NEED* luck if Lilly Dache's behind it!

Lidian said...

Georgina - Perhaps she was trying to attract Paul Newman with that hat.

JD - All you need is three bottles of Kraft salad dressing and all your problems can be solved at one go!

James - I knew when I saw this that I had to share it :)

Ollie - Thank you! :)

Tori - Cousins, perhaps.

Kath - I wish you tons of luck (which you don't need, they will be lucky to get you) and all the Daché cachet in the world! :)