Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Pink Menace

So here we have two pink, rather menacing children looming over giant Easter eggs. The girl's eyes, in particular, are quite terrifying. She is on the hunt! I am not sure how they are planning to get those enormous eggs into that small Easter basket. The girl probably has a little axe in her pocket though. That'd work.

The little pink rabbit in the green hula skirt* is trying to sneak away unnoticed. He's a lot smarter than all those chocolate bunnies and jelly candies, who seem to be frozen in place. He knows he'd better get out of there pronto.

*It is just grass he is supposed to be standing on, I know. But it is more fun to think of it as a hula skirt.

[From Life, April 6, 1962.]

Holiday bonus: a classic episode of Untalkative Bunny, starring a different kind of Pink Menace - and it's even funnier if you have ever watched children's TV, especially the Teletubbies!


wngl said...

The girl looks like there was methamphetamines in her candy and she's seeing bunnies coming out of the walls. Freaky!

Anonymous said...

That large multicolored bunny on the right looks kind of menacing.

BadBandPhotos said...

"Tickle 'em pink" wouldn't work so well nowadays.

Bossy Betty said...

I want one of those giant eggs!

Tori Lennox said...

Pink is my favorite color but these freaky kids are making me want to reconsider that.

Love the hula dancing pink rabbit, though!

FreshHell said...

Oh my god - we loved Untalkative Bunny! Esp my five year old who was exactly like the pink critter as a toddler. Thank you for posting this. Instant classic.

heidi said...

I prefer seeing pink elephants to pink bunnies - or pink shrouded children.

Eric said...

Yep, that's what they call me on the basketball court, 'the pink menace' ('the brown menace' when tan).

Lidian said...

James - I thought it was pretty freaky for 1962, too.

scottsabode - It really does.

BigBandPhotos - You're right, it really would never do, now.

Bossy Betty - Yes, me too! I prefer dark chocolate though, so I hope there are some of those just off-camera.

Tori - I like him too! I think he is going off to have some good adventures. In Hawaii, possibly.

FreshHell - We all LOVE Untalkative Bunny, have them on tape (there are a bunch on YT but not enough) - brilliant stuff.

heidi - Yes, definitely.

Eric - LOL!

Dr. Julie-Ann said...

Is the boy pointing to the hula-skirt rabbit trying to get away?

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit said...

Wow, that's too much pink!!!

The bunny video is awesome: love it!