Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Quink Tank

McFlit was mad as a wet hen
Beleaguered by a faulty pen
And thus began to greatly fear
Both for his sanity and career

Although, ironically enough
He should be worried about other stuff
To wit, the horrid screeching noise
He makes when mad and thus annoys

The clerks outside, the middlemen
Who never knew a lousy pen
And also McFlit's immediate boss
Is raging about hearing loss

And saying words that start with F
Concerning how he's going deaf
The clerks say cusses that end in -it
Which rhyme quite perfectly with McFlit

Then Suzie has a good idea
She is Employee of the Year
And is, alone among the clerks,
The one whose brain entirely works:

"Look, Mr. McFlit, just stop and think
If a pen is clogged, replace the ink!"
And with a flourish, she does just that
And stops his noise in seconds flat.

Now that McFlit has quieted down
The boss will lose that scary frown
He says to Suzie: "Demote that yob!
From now on, you'll have his fancy job!

"Likewise, McFlit, you noisy fool,
Take Suzie's place in the typing pool-
Fetch Suzie's coffee, and never again
Be trusted with a Parker pen."*

And so hurrah for Parker Quink
That problem-solving brand of ink:
It unclogged a pen and Suzie's career
As well as many an office ear.

(*He may run into trouble when his typewriter ribbon needs changing, though.)

[Life, September 10, 1945.]


Eric said...

Oh, I know this ink! The atlier in Italy who I took a mosaic class from recommends this ink for transfer on lime. How exciting! Sort of.

vanilla said...

OMGoodness! This is fantastic.
Typewriter ribbon, indeed.

Kris said...

I gotta tell you...your header photo totally reminds me of the little pink metal play kitchen I had as a kid! Great memory. Thanks!

Dee said...

Your verses always do delight.
My day is brightened by their sight.
I'll save my curses that end in -it
For the day you decide to quit.

Lidian said...

Eric - So they still make it? That is exciting!

vanilla - Yes, indeed :)

Dee - That was terrific! And thank you, I'll be at this for awhile yet, I think :)

Lidian said...

Kris - It looks a little like my grandmother's kitchen too, only more streamlined.