Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gettin' Less Wiggy With It

Do we have everything for our jazz gig circa 1969? Everybody is here in the Jazz Barn. At least, I think it is a barn. Or an industrial building with straw on the floor. Oh wait, maybe it is supposed to be a club in a converted factory in the East Village.

Or maybe the group got lost on the way to the gig and are stuck in an industrial park in New Jersey. Add a psychedelic bus and a couple of hilariously unhip guys in suits and crewcuts, and we've got ourselves an answer to the Partridge Family. You know, for "the guys with the talented heads," whatever that means. Yes, this could be a winner!

Only you guys - you do need to crack a smile now and then. That could be tough. So let's just make sure we have all the props we need for the ad:

Oil drums draped with cobwebs? Check.

Regulation black sweaters? Check.

Grumpy expressions, vaguely suggesting creative inspiration edged with digestive issues? Oh, absolutely.

How about the berets? We must have berets, you know. This is to show that you kids come from Greenwich Village. Or possibly the Left Bank. Oui, we have berets!

Now everybody stand behind the Gibson amplifiers and look extra moody. Make sure you don't give the impression that the amps are what's making you moody, though.

Oh, and you over there on the right - yeah, you, Mustache Guy slumped in the corner - what are you doing here, exactly? Do you actually know these people?

[I found this 1969 gem at Vintage Ad Browser - but a better image is here at Vintage Guitars, so I used a scan from there.]


Anonymous said...

Those are some cool cats there. I think the dude on the right once tried to sell me those speakers out of the back of a white van. Something about an over shipment at Radio Shack. - G

Bill said...

N is for Neville who died of ennui.

This ad doesn't make being hip look like much fun at all.

Eric said...

'...lifted some stones and saw the skin and bones of amplifiers without a soul' (must not have been Gibson)

- Johnny Cash with U2

Kath Lockett said...

Hilarious, Lidian!

lee said...
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lee said...

i think they might be in the world's first original pottery barn. for more details, please call customer service.

Amy said...

Maybe they were trying to portray that rough, not scared, tough look?

Lidian said...

Georgina - LOL!

Bill - It really doesn't.

Eric - These speakers have oil drums and straw inside them, possibly.

Kath - I loved this ad as soon as I saw it!

Lee - I remember when Pottery Barn started up (in the 70s?) - but my parents never wanted to go in, so I didn't either. In fact I don't think I ever did!

Amy - They sure were trying.