Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Eddie and Debbiegram

See how Eddie and Debbie
The masters of pretend
Are sitting with a telegram
They say they're going to send

With its banner decorations
And a background that is yellow
It's more fancy than a card
Or a phone call to say hello

So Eddie and Debbie write
A message tried and true:
"You'll want to wire greetings
To your mother, too!"

And won't their mothers will be confused
Getting this telegram:
Instead of "Happy Mother's Day"
They've got a reprimand -

And rush to send out wires to
Cleveland or Miami
Because Eddie and Debbie seem to think
That they've forgotten Grammy.

[In the big version of this ad, from Life, May 6, 1957, it is clear that the pretend telegram Eddie and Debbie are sending has a suitably soppy message. Thank goodness! Although they ought to send along a present, too, really - something like that terrific sea-horse/duck sculpture in the background.

And happy you-know-what to you, if it applies. Otherwise, treat yourself to a chocolate or two anyway, and I'll see you back here tomorrow.]


Bossy Betty said...

Apparently they are sending it on a giant Post-It.

Bill said...

Eddie Fisher's telegram read "please send money stop."

Kath Lockett said...

Eddie's pen is filled with lemon juice and he's really writing to Elizabeth Taylor: "Hey Liz, wanna meet up after I finish this photoshoot?"