Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rose of Green Pickles

Rose Brand Pickles' special spicing's
So entirely enticing
You will hardly notice all the startling green
That permeates the pickle
Bright food coloring all a-trickle
And will never pause to ask "what does it mean?"

In Charlottetown and Guelph
Not a jar's left on the shelf
Every grocery betrays a pickle shortage
And from Maine to Manitoba
Housewives' faces grow more sober
As they wonder, is it possible to portage

Through suburban wilderness
For a pickle such as this
Which alone of retro foods that once were sold
Unaltered were quite able
When they stood upon the table
To outshine a Technicolored Jell-O mold.

[Thanks yet again to LiveJournal Vintage Ads.]

EXTRA EXTRA! Please go and visit my friend Chris at The Snack Hound for an in-depth look at the Rose Brand pickle operation!


Bill said...

My mother's dinner tables usually featured a relish tray, but I never saw colors like this.

Margie and Edna said...

My sister and I used to have a kitchen play set with plastic food that looked a lot like those pickles.

Melanie said...

My grandma used to make homemade sweet pickles and they were that same intense shade of green.

I still make her recipe, but leave out that whole bottle of green food coloring.

Tori Lennox said...

Those have to be the nastiest, most unappetizing pickles I have ever seen. *gag*

Eric said...

Those pickles are so green, they look like plastic, which kind of rhymes with the pickles called 'Vlasic', which reminds me of the age old question of why on earth does that company use a cartoon stork on the label.
Fish? maybe. Pickles? no. said...

Yeesh. Those pickles might give me nightmares. I was inspired to continue the story of the mysterious soylent green-colored pickles:

(when I experience such strong emotion, I am moved to write).

Jennifer said...

Somehow -- and I mean this in the best sense -- the coloring complements the look of the blog.

Lidian said...

Bill - My aunt served relish trays on holidays, too - but as you say, never like this.

Margie and Edna - They do look unreal!

Melanie - Oh, that's true, they may be sweet pickles. But I believe food coloring is involved, too :)

Tori - Yep, they are gross.

Eric - I never noticed the stork on Vlasic pickles, but it is a strange mascot. Why did I never notice, I wonder?

Chris - Will go read this immediately!

Jennifer - It does, kind of :)