Friday, May 28, 2010

Saved By the Bob

Alice and Biff
Scott, Zelda and Monica
Sit glum at this party
Which lacks a harmonica

From New London to Burbank
And Maine to Arizona
Any party's improved
With the toot of a Hohner.

So they all pine for Bob
Who, alone of this crowd
Not only owns one
But can make it sing loud

How they wish Bob was there
The Victrola won't do -
And the bathtub gin's weak
And the mood is dark blue.

Oh, boy! Here comes Bob!
The "Hoorays!" will not stop
Let the tootling begin,
Put an end to this flop.

 [From Popular Mechanics, April 1930 - big version here. Oh, and more party music over here, too. Just imagine the excitement if Ukelele Guy and Bob were at the same party!]


Barbara said...

OMG, I saw this ad and hysterically laughed. It's like saying "ooh Bob knows how to play an accordion!" You know we'd never invite him to our parties!

AllTheBS said...

I bet you Bob got SO laid that night.

Dina said...

I never knew that the reason why my parties were such duds. Who knew? Next party will be a blow out , thanks to my harmonica! Thanks for the tip.

Dee said...

The ad mentions Bob and Ann. Where is Anne? Was she even invited to the party? Do harmonica playing girls get invited to parties?

Pam@GoRetro said...

That's hilarious. "Hooray! Harmonica time!"

On a side note, I noticed the brand was Hohner. Bobby Darin wrote a great song in the late 60s called "Me and Mr. Hohner." It was a while before I learned that Mr. Hohner was his harmonica!