Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hollywood Try-Ons

What a thrill!

Yes, isn't it.

Try 'em on! Pick your favorite! Hollywood "Try-On" Hairstyles To Make You A Glamour Queen!

Send away for these pieces of cardboard with different hairstyles drawn on them, that have a hole cut out for your face. Then stick your face through each one for an instant, glamorous pretend makeover!

But what do you do once you have picked your favorite? How, oh how will you become a Hollywood Glamour Queen? Are you going to have to walk around like that all day, holding a piece of cardboard up to your head?

No, of course not! Simply "cut and style your hair" to look like the cardboard cut-out. Easy peasy! They include instructions, after all. And also "Professional Gel and Setting Instructions." Oh, and maybe you will have to dye your hair, too. But the dye is not included.

And if you are not thrilled, you'll get your dollar back! What a terrific deal.

[From LiveJournal.]


JD at I Do Things said...


A way for me to see how I look with Irene Dunne or Barbara Stanwyck hair.

DrJulie-Ann said...

So, I tried the internet version of the cardboard cutouts. I uploaded a picture of my face and "tried on different styles."

I can attest to the fact that I would have been just as glamorous with the cardboard version.*

*My ponytails never look as glamorous as the Hollywood version.

lee said...

i guess if you like the look, you can staple it to to your face.
an't go wrong with 24 for $1~

Lidian said...

JD - That's true. As for me, I kind of already know that I will not find my best look here, though ;)

Dr. Julie-Ann - I've always meant to try the internet version, I'll have to do it some time.

lee - LOL, too bad it doesn't include the stapler!

vanilla said...

Too many of the "hollywood" types are cardboard cut-outs anyway.

The cosmetologist in the house says save your buck and take your hair dresser's advice.

Kath Lockett said...

Wow! I just wish they had a 'Hollywood try on' for asses! It'd be worth the pain of staples if mine could go down a size or two.

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

hahahahaha! I've never seen that before in any magazine and darn it all!



Sue said...

Sounds like a good idea actually. If they had that today, maybe I could get a Jen Aniston haircut or a J-Lo one - lol.

Bill said...

That would be great at a party!
I threw a wig party once, and it was scary how excited people got about trying on wigs.