Saturday, July 31, 2010

Waffles and Syrup Wait for No Man

Oh, I'm sure they'll hold the train for you now that they know what you're having to eat tonight.

The conductor will just explain to everyone that the hold-up of the 5:45 was inevitable: you see, folks, Bob Bifferson needs to get home on this exact train because his wife is standing over a plate of waffles with a bottle of Vermont Maid syrup tilted and about to start pouring. I'm sure no one will mind, once they understand that!

Bob does seem to have been lollygagging on the platform though - the other commuter seems to know all about those waffles. I don't know how the conductor is going to explain that.

[From Life, March 30, 1942.]


Anonymous said...

They eat waffles for dinner in Vermont? I think I want to move there. - G

Shay said...

I dunno...for real maple syrup (not the maple-flavored crap), I might hold up a train myself.

Tori Lennox said...

When my former roommate and I were really poor, we always had pancakes for dinner. We didn't use Vermont Maid syrup, though. We always bought the store brand. 'Cause we were poor. *g*

Eric said...

Can't stop laughing about the 'lollygag' reference. Mmmm... waffles.

Writing Nag said...

I had forgotten about Vermont Maid syrup, I grew up in New England and this was always on our breakfast table. Love this ad!

Bill said...

Well, this is ad makes no sense.
Is Bob offering to take the train crew home for a supper of waffles if they will please hold that train for him?
Is the stout man promising to bring real Vermont Maid syrup to the feast? This is apparently the trump card, because he doesn't even need to break stride with an offer like that.

Lidian said...

Georgina - It does sound good!

Shay - Also, for maple taffy which someone brought us once from Quebec - it was wonderful.

Tori - When I was little we went to a diner to have pancakes and fake syrup. I actually really like the fake syrup as well as the real maple stuff.

Eric - Yeah, I have always liked that word ;)

Writing Nag - Such a beautiful place to grow up in, I am jealous!

Bill - It really is not clear why the stout man is getting involved, unless he is hoping to tag along for dinner....a most perplexing little scene!