Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Disembodied Dividend

Weird Gifts Life Jul 9 1965Look at all these great gifts you could get in 1965 with cigarette coupons!

A little blackbird in a really big cage (with the door open). Some golf clubs. Some skis. A plant. A Siamese cat who brought along a pair of black lace-up shoes. A TV with a handle so you can lug it around. An iron. A white telephone. A white hatbox/ vanity case (actually, I kind of like that).

But most of all: that HEAD! Rising up out of the wrapping paper from its red box. How can this lady sit there smiling when that HEAD! is coming out of the box - yes, the worst Disembodied Head in an ad, ever.

The lady is hypnotized by this bizarre onslaught of weird gifts. Maybe she has not even seen the head-in-the-box.

So...what kind of dividend is in store?


Ann said...

That's hysterical...and she looks so pleased with herself, like "look at all the crap I have, I'm hot stuff". Today she would be on "Hoarders". My, how times have changed!

Mimi said...

File this one under WTF?! Seriously. What's the deal with that head! I wonder what other body parts are available?

Kath Lockett said...

Crikey, the seventies were a miasma of misguided drug taking by advertisers weren't they?
Is the head a convenient replacement should she ever get throat or mouth cancer?

lee said...

how many dividend coupons does the lady head cost? i would like to take up smoking and order her. she could be my assistant and answer my telephone.

Marcheline said...

They threw a little head into the offer to attract male clientele... duh! 8-)

What's really confusing is the handfuls of straw on top of the suitcase and behind the skis. A coupon for a roll in the hay? Hell, why not, after a little head!

Cari Hislop said...

That head is way weird...what the heck is it? But seriously the ad is even worse than the photo...

"500 gifts from puppies to percolators"?

So you send off your "dividends" and you can get a puppy in the post? Obviously you won't get to choose the puppy so it will (as luck would have it) be the psycho-runt puppy with an inferiority complex who happens to hate all humans who look sound smell just like you.

I think we can guess how the company acquires some of these "gifts". That Siamese cat was stolen from some old lady and shipped to the other side of the country. As for the percolator, the old lady went out to buy some cigs and came back to find that her percolator and the stuffed head of her hated mother-in-law had gone the way of her cat! The police could find no clue to the perpetrator, but one of them who smoked refreshing Alpine menthol cigs was able to save up enough dividends to buy his wife a puppy.