Friday, August 6, 2010

It Need Not Happen To You!

Duocraft Shorts Life May 27 1940
Meet Joe. Joe is having trouble at work, especially late in the day:

Joe: Harry, my prospects just won't listen after 4 o'clock. Everybody seems to be tired in the afternoon.

Harry: Joe, they're not tired, you're tired and I'll tell you why.

Harry looks a little done in himself. But he is full of peppy - and very personal - advice. Why is Joe so exhausted and run-down? You might be thinking that maybe Joe needs to start eating bran muffins in the morning, or he that needs a good dose of Listerine or chlorophyll, but, it is something even more embarrassing; Harry gives Joe, off-camera (off-cartoon?) a lecture about - underwear:

Harry:...And if you wear DUOCRAFT, the support it gives you will help you keep your "EDGE" all day long.

Yes, Harry has based his brilliant career strategy - and his "EDGE" - on Duocraft underpants and their "action support." And what's more, he never thinks anyone finds him boring. It's just that they're wearing the wrong kind of underpants.

This theory has not endeared him to the rest of the office - but Joe is new at work, and he's impressed. Why, the very next day we see Joe exiting the haberdasher's with a job lot of new underwear. And soon enough, the magic powers of Duocraft (or perhaps this is a placebo effect, who knows?) begin to work their mystic spell:

Other Office Guy: Well, here's your order, I wish my salesmen were as energetic as you.

Joe: Thank you sir, I'll need energy with several hours of bridge ahead of me tonight.

Very suave, Joe, mentioning the bridge party shenanigans-to-come. I wonder if Joe told the Other Office Guy the secret of his success?

[From Life, May 27 1940.]


FreshHell said...

Wow. For a second there, I thought is was "Douchecraft".

vanilla said...

And then I was told I'd never have kids if I didn't switch to boxers.

More sales, or kids? Hmmmm.

Barbara said...

So, if they just hang down, you get exhausted? I never knew that one must be "lifted" in order to function. How interesting!

Off to unsnap this bra...

Pearl said...

Well this explains a lot!


Tori Lennox said...

I'm too busy laughing to come up with a witty rejoinder!

Bill said...

Duocraft was the only brand of men's undergarments that featured Magic Fingers®.

Kath Lockett said...

I'm laughing too hard to comment!

Lisa - Alterity Button Jewelry said...

Think they made some female counterpart undies that help the woman keep her edge? we even want to imagine them.........
Too funny!

sophie said...

I'm your 500th follower and yep..I'll continue!

Lidian said...

FreshHell - It probably ought to ;)

vanilla - Decisions, decisions...

Barbara - Lifted is, apparently, good.

Pearl - I know I learned something!

Tori - As soon as I saw this I started to laugh (so I knew it would be good to post!)

Bill - I need to find an ad about that!

Kath - It was a lucky find!

Lisa - I was wondering that too - maybe the Maidenform bras that make women think they are doing all those weird things in the 50s ads?

Sophie - Thank you, I was so excited to see that! Yay!

Used Stationary Bikes said...

More sales or kids? I need more sales for the kids.

Marcheline said...

Egads... that dude must have some heavy package to be exhausted by the weight of the dangle. Perhaps he's in the wrong business!