Friday, August 27, 2010

Kay Learns A Lesson

The lesson Kay ought to have learned is that her husband gossips about her dishpan hands to the guests at their fancy soiree.

Never mind her admiring her stocking up at the top - the real story is in the cartoon at the bottom. let's take a closer look, shall we?

"Caught Red-handed! Or, Kay Learns A Lesson"

1. Oh look Ed, we're in the social column!  Ed and Kay are newlyweds and they are having their first party. Naturally this is the biggest social event in Whoville,  so Ed insists that Kay hire a maid so she can just Look Pretty and not do anything.
Detail TJS Kay Learns a Lesson 1936
2. After Ed leaves for work Kay says to herself: ugh, what a doofus, we don't have the money for a maid! So she decides to do all the scrubbing herself.

3. Hi honey, how do you like my red dress? Don't you think it sets off my red hands and....uh oh!

4. Ed says: boy, your hands look like you dunked them in tomato sauce, dear (or something like that). Cue the slammed door and wails of how-dare-you. But wait - I mean, her hands ARE red, right? If it was me I'd just say: yeah, next time YOU can make the frozen custard and scrub the dishes, mister.

5.Some silver-haired snooty guest tells Kay that Ed has been talking about her red hands all through the party I guess she stayed in the bedroom all that time (wonder what the social column in the paper is going to say about the party tomorrow?) 

6. Wasn't I a goof not to use Ivory? says Kay. Well, that's where I'd start slamming doors - as soon as I heard what Ed had been talking about to entertain the guests.

7. Yeah OK, Ed, so men like pretty hands. But women like it when men don't gossip about them at parties. And they also prefer you not to buy the incredible jumbo size of a product to make your point.

Many thanks to the fabulous Gallery of Graphic Design for this April 1936 ad from Good Housekeeping.


Barbara said...

I really started laughing at the "...and you're a-a-ashamed of me-ee! oooh!"

Stellar reactionary moment.

Ed sucks. He needs replacing.

Sassy Lassies Vintage Life said...

And you wonder why "guilt" is so common among women still today, with left over vestiges like this.

Hairball T. Hairball said...

"Your hands won't look the least bit kitcheny!"

Will they look bathroomy? Backyardy? Basementy?

A big batch of Ex-lax brownies would fix Ed up just fine.

*Hairball is sitting on her hands trying desperately not to once again mention ENO's Fruit Salt out of consideration for dear Lidian*

vanilla said...

That top picture, you know, the one you ignored. It's pretty daring for 1936, isn't it?

Personally, I think she should rip the door off its hinges and hit Ed over the head with it. Oops. Maybe an overreaction.

Bill said...

Yes, by all means, ask for Ivory in the large size. It will double as a sideboard at your next party. Arrange for home delivery, or bring your pack mule.

I'd like to point out that Ed, though lacking tact, is also Mr. Big-Hearted Husband. He knew that Kay's nerves would be less frayed with living-roomy hands.

JD at I Do Things said...

Man, I hate that Ed. Also, why didn't she just wear gloves? And how does a particular type of soap wash away redness and irritation from scrubbing?

I want my money back.

Anonymous said...

Snort of glee! I've enjoyed this site EVEN MORE since MadMen came back on AMC.
"It's a Peach."

lee said...

it's about time kay stopped using drano to wash the dishes!

Marcheline said...

I'm not exactly sure why no one has thought of dish-washing gloves yet! I thought they came out well before this time period...

And that silver-haired biotch is probably Ed's mother. They're always spilling marital secrets to their mothers in these old ads...

Cari Hislop said...

I love ivory soap. My problem is with Ed... "You're to look your prettiest tonight." They've been married a month and he's already thinking she looks a hag in the morning?

As for hiring a maid for the day... Clearly Ed married her for her looks. She's been washing his dishes for a whole month and she hasn't figured out that, that makes her hands red? Now that is dumb! Saying that, I don't know why my husband married me; it wasn't for my looks or my dish washing!