Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Results Are Rather Pleasing

Vacuum Cleaner Art Oct 1928 Pop MhThis is what I ought to do next time I'm about to vacuum the carpet:

1. Throw on my 1920s housecoat and a seriously Artistic expression (or just keep looking mildly bored, like the lady at the left)
2. Cut a square of carpet and put it up on an easel.
3. Oh, and buy an easel (that really ought to be step #2).
4. Get a cup of flour from the kitchen (I'm exhausted already, probably, by this point, and have gone back to the computer...)
5. Sprinkle the flour all over the carpet and "work it into the nap." Cat hair might be a good substitute, it is definitely worked into the nap.
6. Take vacuum cleaner attachment and hoover away bits of the flour (or cat hair) to make a gorgeous picture. Maybe of a Spanish lady with a lot of stuff in her hair like fancy combs and flowers (and flour).

Apparently this has a "rather pleasing effect."

For all that effort and bother it had better have an effect that is mind-bogglingly fabulous. Not just "rather pleasing"!

This is from the October 1928 Popular Mechanics. Did they think we were all going to rush out and give it a try?

Oh, never mind. Here's something else fun that - well, it mentions a vacuum cleaner. There's the connection! It is from "The Songwriters" (1954) - one of the lost episodes of The Honeymooners - a tribute to urban noise (and vacuum cleaners) -

The garbage cans go clang
The radiator goes bang
And the vacuum cleaner makes a racket too
Put them all together and what have you got?
That's my love song to you -

A car outside gets a flat
Somebody steps on a cat
And the next door neighbor's kid is screaming too
Put them all together and what have you got?
That's my love song to you -

A salesman rings the bell
And then he tries to sell
A book about the peaceful life in Rome
But you can have your quiet
It takes a little riot
To make a house into a happy home...

To make my life complete
Some guys are fixing the street
If I'm lucky they'll keep drilling all night through
Though it's a mighty din
Not like Gershwin or Berlin
It's my love song to you...


Sparkle said...

I like your idea of substituting the flour with cat hair. Although I would still hide under the bed once the thing gets turned on.

Tori Lennox said...

I can't help thinking if it's left on the floor like they suggest that it won't stay "rather pleasing" very long.

Bill said...

Well, that's just silly.
That lady either needs to make herself useful or go back to bed.

Marcheline said...

This woman is just lashing out at her husband after finding out what he uses the vacuum cleaner for.

But, looking at her, can you really blame him?