Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Treasure Hunt In Your Hair

Going on a treasure hunt in my hair is just...not a great image, you know? It brings to mind a glob of chewing gum stuck in there. Or some leaves and twigs, that happens when you go on a hike sometimes. Not that twigs and leaves are treasure, though. Or gum.

Hidden there is something precious!

("My Prrrrecious!")

Could it be the One Ring to Rule Them All? Really? Stuck in my hair? Oh, I think not. There haven't been any Dark Riders charging down the street. Not lately. Unless they drive minivans these days.

Oh, I'm kidding. I know that the treasure is all those golden highlights  we will have if we use Golden Glint Shampoo. It gives the user a "tiny-tint." It is "hardly perceptible." Even Gollum will look glamorous, possibly. Or gollomorous.

And getting that blob of gum out won't hurt, either.

[From LJ Vintage Ads. This 1932 ad features Edwina Booth, whose brief film career included Trader Horn, filmed in East Africa, where she contracted malaria; she was ill for 6 years and this effectively ended her burgeoning movie career. Because of this, sued MGM for more than a million dollars (she got a lot less, though - $35,000, according to Wikipedia).]


Barbara said...

My hair sucks up dye immediately. I can imagine what this "tiny tint" would do to my hair!

James MacAdam said...

"gollomorous" -double ouch, Lidian. In his case I think it should be amended to "One hair to rule them all".

Bill said...

Poor Edwina! She looks rather listless in the ad, and no wonder after being forced to run around Africa half-naked with a bunch of diseased mosquitos fast on her heels.

Tori Lennox said...

A treasure hunt in hair just sounds.... really icky.

DrJulieAnn said...

My first reaction was that treasure hunts in the hair turn up ticks or lice (can you tell my first teaching job was way out in the country where my students routinely showed up with ticks and lice???).

MGM was the evil empire of its day (although it did put food on my grandparents' table)

(Hopefully this comment will post--blogger has not been very nice to me all week)

Laura said...

My first reaction was Yuck. My nieces all had head lice about a year ago. lol

Kath Lockett said...

Despite having a head with a fortune in it, poor old Edwina looks a bit depressed about it all.

Lucky for her the 'Trader Horn' film was in the silent - and relatively innocent - era or she'd be called up to act in a whole host of different roles these days!