Monday, September 20, 2010

International Can of Mystery

International Cans Life Dec 8 1961Wow, a remarkable new eating experience: dinner out of a can! Aren't you thrilled already?

And if you have a travel poster in the dining room, it will almost feel like you are in Europe, eating in a Fancy European Bistro.

"People can't believe they come ready to heat and serve." Listen up, people: this is food in cans. That is exactly what you do with food in cans: heat it and serve it. No one said you had to actually eat it after that, though. That is optional.

So what is on the menu at your Fancy European Bistro?

Chicken Cacciatore: chicken in sauce

Kottbullar: meatballs in sauce

Beef Stroganoff: canned beef in creamy sauce

Garbanzo Soup: soup with chickpeas

French Onion Soup: soup with onions (no, it will NOT come with the toasted baguette slice and the melted cheese in the can  - one hopes).

The end of the ad asks: "Are there any more Famous Foods of the world coming? Suspicious activities are visible, but test kitchen chefs maintain a discreet silence."

I'm sure there are plenty of suspicious activities going on in those test kitchens. And I'm not surprised that the chefs don't want to talk. Austen Powers needs to look into this, because I think Dr. Evil is involved, somehow.


Bill said...

Are we sure this isn't cat food?

The sheer aggravation of 21st Century air excursions makes these little cans look like a good option to actual travel, I'm afraid.

FreshHell said...

Mmmmm. Pass that can opener!

There's a reason I became a vegetarian and this right here is one of them.

Barbara said...

Wow, it's a good thing I like stuff in "sauce". Any sauce. Tires in sauce, wood in sauce, matters not to me!

Kath Lockett said...

I have no idea what Khatbullar is but the mind boggles....

Eric said...

'A remarkable new eating experience'

"I should have just gone to Europe", Eric remarked.

Frogs in my formula said...

I looked quick and thought those were paint cans. Ick.

Relax Max said...

But what a bargain, eh? (I'm just trying to speak Canadian to ingratiate myself.) the cans are bigger than a 4 story tower and dwarf a palm tree. They can feed a whole village! It's not possible to belittle this awesome creation.


Ann said...

and the best don't even have to empty it into a pot...just stick it over the flame and eat it over your stove top...bon appetit!

Anonymous said...

Food that we found in the canal cesspools in Venice! Straight to your table!

Trisha Carter, Gone Green said...

It must be very exciting back then. Today, cans are replaced by more eco-friendly alternatives.

Marcheline said...

Fantastic - finally, a way to eat airplane food in the comfort of your own home! And get diarrhea in six languages!