Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Mad Money Bracelet

A little Charm for a Dollar Bill
Should you ride with a boy and the meter stands still
And he begins the old line of talk - 
If you wear your charm - there is NO NEED TO WALK.

You're supposed to "walk into Offices, Crowds, Factories" - because that's where girls are. Sure, just walk into a busy office in the middle of the working day. Or start bothering women on a crowded street. Or on the production line. They'll be mad, all right.

"Mad Money," of course, was what you carried on a date; if your date got fresh with you, you could take a taxi home. The Dictionary of American Slang gives an alternate definition of "mad money" as money a woman saves for when she will want to make a "mad" or impulsive future purchase. I don't think you could save much in this bracelet though. You'd be walking home or saving up for a pack of gum, from the look of things.

[Billboard, October 25, 1947.]


Anonymous said...

As silly as those things sound, I'd kind like to have one, just for fun. I remember having a pair of Nike shoes with zippers in the side and I always likes the feeling of having a dollar bill in there (back in the day when Canadians still used dollar bills!) - G

Stephanie Barr said...

Ah, the old days, when a trip home could be paid via a single coin. Even a taxi ride.

They make mention of that mad money definition (the first one) in Hello, Dolly.

Barbara said...

B..B...But that's what bras are for!!

Bill said...

These things must be in grandma dresser drawers across the nation, because it says they sold like hot cakes.
Why not just sell hot cakes, instead of having to troll offices & factories?

lee said...

if i get mad, it's gonna take more than a dollar to cool me off!