Tuesday, September 7, 2010

With Bells Attached: Back To School, 1865 Edition

I know that a lot of you have been Back to School for a couple of weeks now, but here in Canada, we're just sliding into that on Tuesday.

This is a lovely Victorian ad. But Lidian! I hear you cry (yeah, probably not) - should this not go on your Victorian pop history blog (the link is over there in the sidebar, I'm too lazy to put it here)? Well, yes, it could, but I thought it might make a nice change to mock some really old ads here.

So here's what all the parents were putting on their Back to School lists in the Civil War era, I guess:

1. Boys' Reins With Bells Attached: Girls did not need reins. No sir. What fun they will have driving each other to school. Did boys really do this? I can't imagine it, even in 1865.

2. Beauteous lunch boxes in the shape of a big dusty dictionary, or a 1950s ladies' clutch purse: perfect for carrying your - not a PBJ. Bread and cheese, maybe. And a few carrots and sugar lumps to give the boy who has to wear those reins and bells.

3. And don't forget the book straps. I actually remember those. From the 1960s, not the 1860s, ha ha. They were in the stores but I never saw anyone use them in real life. I had a funny plastic briefcase thing, and later on one of those army-surplus bags, like the one at left, only it had side pockets too and was darkish green. You wrote all over the bag in pen and felt very cool (which was pleasing and unusual).

The 1865 back-to-school extravaganza is from Vintage Ad Browser.


Anonymous said...

The lunch box in the shape of a dictionary is actually kind of cool! - G

Anne said...

The army surplus bag would still be hip today. My daughter would love it. The Boys' reins remind me of the leashes that they use with small children at the mall.

vanilla said...

Even I'm not old enough to remember this stuff. I simply didn't carry books to and from school. And the brown paper [sack, bag, poke, your choice] sufficed for the sandwich.

I bet you were way cool with you khaki green tote.

Tori Lennox said...

I had one of those funky plastic book bags in the '60s too! It was plaid. *g*

Bill said...

I can tell you are a thoughtful person by your suggested inclusion of sugar lumps for the boys wearing reins to school.

Marcheline said...

Boys' reins, eh? Hmmmm... I kind of wish they still sold those. I just adore a late-night ride!