Thursday, October 21, 2010

Candy Is Dandy, But Muscatel Is Swell

Wine Mrs Ogden Nash Life Oct 23 1939I've been saving this 1939 advertisement (big version here) for Muscatel and other California wines, for a long time. And since I really wanted to write a "From Ad to Verse" poem today (it's been awhile, you know!) it seemed like the ideal jumping-off point: ad plus boozy 1930s matrons plus the wife of my humorous-poem hero, Ogden Nash:

When Mrs. Ogden Nash, the gracious chatelaine,
Had bridge games and hen-filled parties on the brain
She knew that these occasions, to be really swell,
Depended chiefly upon Muscatel:

Not on wee sandwiches cut into hearts and clubs and spades
Nor on party games and ice-breaking escapades
Out of the latest book of etiquette
Can she depend to mollify this set,

For Mrs. Ogden knows, at least in Baltimore,
Some zing's required to keep friends from bolting out the door;
How well she knows her audience: these gals are tough,
And wearing twiddly hats is more than quite-enough:

More twiddle is not requisite. Indeed
Cards, snacks and booze are really all they need;
So pour that golden California wine
Into each matron's glass - they both will shine,

Both glass and gal! This party is first-rate,
Sip slowly, though, and keep your hat on straight;
So here's to those who wish the ladies well -
And those who don't can go to Muscatel.


JamieDedes said...

Clever! Enjoyed much.

Do enjoy your other blogs as well.

Happy days ....

Lidian said...

JamieDedes - Thank you so much :) It was a lot of fun for me to write.

Kath Lockett said...

You are brilliant! How come Madison Avenue hasn't found and recruited you yet??? We need to start up a 'Lidian for Advertising Executive' on facebook!