Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cook On Your Refrigerator

Cook on Your Refrigerator Life Mar 9 1953
Life, March 9, 1953 (big version here)
I'm not sure how this works, but it would be really convenient in a tiny studio apartment, wouldn't it? Convenient, but you wouldn't be able to cook very much, or for more than one person. Imagine trying to do dishes in that sink. Or doing more than, say, heating up a can of soup on the stove.

What is really odd, I think, is that this was made by the General Air Conditioning Corporation - not the sort of place you'd think would make anything except, well, air conditioners. It was made in both gas and electric versions and would only take up a little over 4 square feet of space. In the ad at the left, you can see different sized versions of the 3-in-1 including one with an oven unit on the left and a fridge/stove on the right (this looks like the best one to me). The "Executive Refrigerator" on the bottom has no stove or oven and looks like a modern hotel mini bar, doesn't it? You can click the link at the left to see the big version of the ad.
3 in 1 Fridge Life Jun 11 1951
Life, June 11, 1951

I especially like the glee of the women in the ads - they are SO happy with this multi-purpose mini-kitchen! Just dress up in your finest evening gown, tie on an apron, and smile: dinner's just a can away!


Bill said...

That's a cunning little kitchen unit. I wonder how well they really functioned?
The women look pleased. No doubt they're thinking "No guest can expect much in the way of splendid meal out of this thing. I'm off the hook!"

Marcheline said...

Actually, I think the one in the mini-ad on the right side is the best one - it's got four burners, at least! And most apartments have a sink bigger than that tiny one in the top unit on the left side. Trying to wash dishes in a sink that small would drive me to drink... good thing they have that Executive version available too! 8-)

chance said...

We had the 3 in1 in a little crappy house in Washington. The fridge bit didn't works so we used it for storage. It had 3 burners and crockpot type soup pot that shocked me every time I tried to use it. Lol good times. The sink worked well. And we didn't mind the fridge being broken because when (well before we moved there) the cabinets. Had to be ripped out for a big fridge so we needed the storage space. :)

Lidian said...

Bill - "And yay, the takeout is on its way!"

Marcheline - I like that one the best, too.

chance - Wow, you really had one of these! I am not surprised that it was - challenging!

Tom said...

This is a very excellent piece of a kitchen tool. Unfortunately, I think no manufacturer is producing it today.

Maybe we should for China to make it for us...

Lily White said...

Are you sure it's meant to be used in the kitchen? I thought it was a nightstand - you know, in case the hubby wakes up craving a fried egg sandwich or something full of olives in the middle of the night. We wouldn't want him to have to wait for his wife to walk all the way to the kitchen, would we? And really, could a truly committed homemaker tolerate not having her stove within arms' reach for an entire night? Perish the thought!