Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Fourteen Hour Wife

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Being a wife in the 1890s equals scrubbing the floor, according to Gold Dust Washing Powder. That Eight Hour Man is no captain of industry, or else his Fourteen Hour Wife would have a fleet of housemaids and they'd have to do the scrubbing.

As for me, there's no powder in the world - gold-dust-enhanced or not - that would save me any time. Never mind strength or patience. I don't know how much money it'd save either, but as soon as I'd saved enough I'd be off in my time machine looking for a Swiffer to take back to 1895.

The wording of this also implies (to me anyway) that she's only a wife for fourteen hours. As soon as she clocks off, she turns into the Ten Hour Floozy. Now that sounds like fun! I'd like to see an ad featuring her.


Kath Lockett said...

They should be SELLING the gold dust, leaving their eight-hour slacko husbands and living in luxury!

Marcheline said...

Exactly what I was thinking... the story I want to hear about are the "one hour wives" of "24-hour men"! I think they keep those stories in the back room with the curtain over the door.

Bill said...

She's got that lamp burning. She must start her day at 3am so she can be ready to be a floozy at 5pm.