Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Pacesetter House of 1951

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This Pacesetter House of 1951 is setting the pace a little bit too fast for me. Because a fireplace is supposed to be relaxing to sit by, right? And to me, this looks a little too much like a test pattern.

I used to really like the test pattern - when I was about three. Yes, back in 1965 I used to love getting up a little bit before 6am, which was when Sunrise Semester came on, and watch the test pattern. For those of you too young to have savored this amazing visual treat, the test pattern was black and white geometric stuff that TV stations showed on your screen when they were off the air. Yes, even the TV stations used to clock off and sleep for a few hours every night, back then.

The test-pattern tiles aside, what also bothers me here is the grey carpeting on the ceiling. It looks like the room is standing on its head, so to speak. Maybe that's just me, though. I wish we could see the rest of this Pacesetter house. Imagine what the bathroom tiles must be like! I love the coffee table and the sofa, though.

What do you think?


Greg said...

That would absolutely drive me insane!

I remember the test patterns, don't forget about that annoying buzz.

Kath Lockett said...

That pacesetter fireplace is mesmerising and then it strobes a little bit and with the general idea being that it's the *fire* your eyes should be drawn towards then it'd be a constant battle to see whether the test-pattern tiles or burning logs win the 'give the householder a migraine' fight....

vanilla said...

What do I think? Yours is an excellent critique. I am not a fan of coffee tables (shin knockers)though.

Cari Hislop said...

The truly frightening thought is that probably is grey carpet on the ceiling. It's easy to forget the carpet craze. When I was in my early teens in the 80's someone from church gave our family a desk and old giant royal typewriter (which I assume permanently sat on the desk) the desk came covered (front side top) in rusty shag carpet. It was hideous, but even more frightening (I, who inherited the loot) never once thought...I could remove that hideous shag. It was still there when I left home at 18.

As for that wall around the gives me a headache just thinking about having to look at it every day. Maybe the inhabitants were all partially blind? If you could only see out of the corner of your eye you'd never fall in the fire!