Friday, October 29, 2010

Trick Or Raisin

Trick or Fruit Life Oct 16 1964
Life, October 16, 1964
Fewer tricks when you treat 'em with Sun Maid Raisins, huh?

These children are probably not all that thrilled, not really. Like Junie B. Jones, they are thinking that they did not say "trick or fruit,"* did they? But they will pretend for the camera. They'll come back and toilet paper the house later.

Having said that, the clown boy does look like he's dropping the raisins back into the bowl. Doesn't he? The tiger, too - he's about to drop them back in, too. And the girl is only smiling because she decided to hang back and wait until they get to the next house, where there's probably some candy corn, at least.

There's a particularly funny bit in the sidebar, you can see it better here, where they are pushing raisins for the grownups, too. Set out some bowls of raisins, folks, because

Perhaps you're having an adult-type party yourself!

What does that even mean, an "adult-type" party? If this adult-type person is going to have to keep answering the constant ding-donging of trick-or-treaters, I'll need something more festive than Sun-Maid  to sustain me: a chocolate martini would be ideal, I think. Straight up, hold the raisins, please.

*This is my favorite line from the classic holiday tale Junie B. Jones, First Grader: Boo...And I MEAN IT!


~~louise~~ said...

Hi Lidian,
Just popped in to say Trick or Treat or in this case Trick or Raisin:)

GREAT post! Love the ad. Hope all is well with you and yours, Louise

Bill said...

We always hated getting fruit when I was a kid. I have no idea what's in style these days...something organic, probably.

Anonymous said...

I was a weird kid. I liked the raisins, but I never, ever told anyone that because I didn't want to be a big dork. - G

lee said...

i think the good people at sun-maid want you to serve raisins at your next key party.

Tori Lennox said...

If all you're going to get is fruit, there's not much point in trick or treating, in my opinion. LOL!

Lidian said...

Louise! Hi! I am so glad you stopped by :) I will get on over to your blog very soon -

Bill - I always hated it, too. Also the pencils.

Georgina - Well, to each her own :) I think my raisin issues were partly because my mom put a box of them in my lunch every single day for 6 years and I never said a word of protest. I just - couldn't! I do not know why. But I did not like the raisins...

lee - I think they do ;)

Tori - Well, quite!

Patricia Rockwell said...

I love raisins--especially chocolate-covered ones!

Kath Lockett said...

I like raisins too, but if I were trick or treating and got a box as a 'treat' I'd be feeling pretty ripped off ...

...and might sneak back later and get my pet rabbit to leave a few 'raisins' of his own on their front step!

Marcheline said...

Speaking of weird Halloween treats (fruit? ugh!), remember the folks that didn't want to be bothered going out to buy candy and they'd put their loose change in your bag instead?

Halloween treats should be candy, not fruit or vegetables or lotto tickets. Just like Christmas ornaments should be ornaments, not representations of sporting events, hobbies, or merchandising with some glitter and a hook attached. I get so peeved when I see "ornaments" that have nothing to do with Yuletide.