Monday, November 15, 2010

Burgers Really Swing

Hellmann's Mayo Burgers Really Swing Ebony June 1968
Ebony, June 1968; big version here
Oh, groovy, man. Burgers for dinner. But not just any old burgers, that would be a drag, a stone drag. These dudes really swing. Bitchen in the kitchen!

These burgers are making the scene - which happens to be a white background. They're being free, hanging loose, being themselves. Too bad it's 1968, they're a little too late for Woodstock. But hey, whatever.

And why are they all so far out, boss, rad and fab? Because when they say "lay it on me", they are talking about Best Foods mayonnaise, that's why. And whoever laid it on them wasn't kidding, either.

The Pink Panther burger has a splotch of mayo mixed with ketchup, and a pickle slice. Freaky. And the Flipsville has mayo and a spear of green onion. You may actually want to flip that one right over, because it does not look delicious. The Danish Mod is into cucumber. Egg Foo Yum gets with a horrible pun and some egg.

But the Dixie Belle is kind of a flake out. It thinks a tomato slice and a big splodge of mayo is cool. Why is it called a Dixie Belle? In what alternative universe is it groovy? Where are the tops of the hamburger buns?

And who thought this was a good marketing idea? Clue me in, man, 'cause I have no idea.

Dig some 60s slang at The Official 60s Site - and also over here, courtesy of Mrs. Cone's swinging 1964-5 9th grade English class.


Blondie said...

This is too funny! Don't forget to check out my Christmas giveaway if you haven't already!

Kori xoxo

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it, but they do look curiously delicious! Not so sure about that Pink Panther, tho :)

Marcheline said...
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Marcheline said...

Dude, these ARE swingin'! I could chow them all down.

And duh... the Dixie Belle is a hot tomato with nice buns and plenty of fat on it! Haven't you ever seen Paula Deen, y'all?


Shinade said...

Yuck...not me...give me mustard on my hamburger!!

Lidian said...

Blondie - Will do!

Lisa - I am not sure about that one either.

Marcheline - You're right! I hadn't thought of Paula ;)

Shinade - I like mustard too :)