Friday, November 26, 2010

Going Through the Wringer

This Acme Single Clamp Wringer was advertised in 1955 in the British women's magazine My Home. Supposedly this makes room even in a "tiny kitchen" to do a full wash. Well, maybe. But I don't think a full wash load is going to fit in there.

The disembodied head is not so sure either. Look how she's gritting her teeth. And those eyebrows are scary, too. Mind you, she's a disembodied head, so maybe she doesn't have that much wash. 

Yes, this  ad certainly makes me appreciate my washing machine. And the dryer. I am so glad I do not have to turn the kitchen sink into a hand-cranking wash tub with a mini-mangle clamped onto the side. Particularly since I am just getting to the wash now, after being out all day trying to find presents and things for people. It is not Black Friday here in Canada, you see. Just a normal drag-around-the-mall day. I'm not giving any thanks for malls. But for modern washers and dryers, yes.

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