Friday, November 5, 2010

Random Thoughts and Asparagus Spoons

Life May 22 1950I have never been that happy about asparagus, but you never know. Maybe I'm just using the wrong silverware. I just wanted to post something, say hi, let you know what's up (nothing too dramatic, not to worry).

For my Entrecard pals: just so you know, I'm taking a break (could be a day, could be more, I don't know) from dropping  - there seems to be a virus/malware/ Blue Meanie type thing that I almost-accessed through my EC drops (once with the toolbar and then once even when I was being super-careful) so...I think I'm OK, have checked and cleaned everything, and I fled the scene before anything really happened. But you ought to know. Please be careful! I even went on Twitter to let people know, and you know how bad I've been at twitting. Tweeting. Whatever. And I let Entrecard know, too, but - well, we'll see.

I am also doing some freelance stuff so I will be updating my blogs (I have books to review here and at the Dime Museum) - but it will depend on what else I'm working on. I'm writing some eHow stuff, and other things. On antiques among other things, which makes me want to write about more antique kitchen/house stuff here. So I'll sort of be popping in and out. I will also try to visit and comment more. I have been lousy at that, I know. I'll try to be better!

Oh, and I've also written some Squidoo lenses, which are quite fun. There's a Squidoo widget on the sidebar. I need to do some non-Halloween stuff over there. How long can that Molasses Kiss lens last, anyway? (Insert joke about stale candy and stale seasonal topics, here)

Last disjointed thought: if those people are eating asparagus, WHY are the Oneida people showing us a big spoon?


Gayle Herbert Robinson said...

Thanks for the heads up about the virus lurking in the Entrecard world, I've dodged a few myself. I never reach the 300 because of that fear. I'll check out your squiddoo lense, I did one a while back on chocolate (edible) fashion and accessories for one of my blogs. I'm crazy about midcentury modern houses, furniture, kitchens. I love the pink kitchen blog design.

Pearl said...

:-) I love the idea that you've simply been using the wrong flatware in your approach to asparagus.


Lidian said...

Gayle - Sounds like we have a lot in common! I'll be checking out your lenses too :)

Pearl - Yes, I always like to blame inanimate objects whenever possible ;)

vanilla said...

I really like asparagus, but I guess I've been doing it wrong, too. Have never eaten it with a spoon-- unless it was in the soup, that is.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are very busy! Thanks for the warning about a virus.

And I agree, asparagus with a spoon? Yeah right.

Lidian said...

vanilla - Soup is a good reason to use a spoon, always!

Vickie - Yeah, I am. I am trying to actually make money freelancing now, which is very rewarding but, you know, more work ;) I am dropping EC's carefully now, from my faves list (including you, BTW!) and everything seems OK. EC did get back to me really quickly and I gather they are working on it.

Hairball T. Hairball said...

Just wanted to drop by and say "Hello" to you, Lidian!