Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stove On Wheels

From Graphic Design TJS Labs
There's an episode of Seinfeld, "The Bottle Deposit," in which (among other things) Kramer and Newman ruin Jerry's car engine because when they borrow the car, they put their groceries under the hood. "The Triple A guy says I was this close to sucking a muffin down the carburetor," Jerry says.

Well, this Dinty Moore enthusiast from 1939 would understand this. But why stop at using the engine as a kitchen cabinet? Why bother to unload the groceries at all? You see, W.M.G. is very busy. He is a salesman "miles from the nearest restaurant." And the concept of the sandwich does not seem to have occurred to him. He simply must have a hot lunch. So he has hit upon the brilliant idea of attaching cans of stew to his exhaust manifold. After all, it is piping hot. And for dessert he can whip up some cherries jubilee with a can of pie filling and the cigarette lighter.

You have to wonder why he's brought the car in to the mechanic, though. Well, not really. I think we all can guess what the problem is - just a bit of lunch stuck in the engine. Here's hoping it isn't Ox Joint Stew day.


chance said...

lol! My grandma was a little girl during the great depression. They were one of the Okie families that headed out to Cali for work. She told a story about how they camped on the side of the road every night, and GG would cook dinner on the engine of their truck because *they were so poor they couldn't afford wood*. As a little girl I was pretty sure they were the Beverly Hill Billies, just super poor. :)

IludiumPhosdex said...

Not many know this, but before SPAM Luncheon Meat, Hormel (out of Austin, MN, as everybody knows) was best known for making Dinty Moore canned foods, whose origins (Ripley, take note) were in Depression-era relief supplies of canned meat and potatoes in gravy produced under contract.

The corned-beef hash referred to in the ad would later be relaunched under the Mary Kitchen brand, under which Hormel also markets roast-beef hash.

Eric said...

Well shoot, I knew buying an electric car would end up a mistake.

P.L. Frederick said...

W.M.G. went on to invent TV dinners. That's the origin of the saying, "What's on TV?" Usually the answer was meatloaf. I'm just kidding. It was cabbage.

P.L. Frederick (Small & Big)

Zaenal Arifin said...

nice blog.. :)
good luck for you friend..

Marcheline said...

I love the way he says "attach" - he just "attaches" the can of stew to his exhaust manifold.

With what, exactly? Duct tape? Rope? Krazy glue?

I'm betting on wire clothes hangers.

Shinade said...

Oh it had to be duct tape. LOL!!:-)