Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Superb Cup of Real Coffee Goodness

Nescafe Life Sept 22 1941
Life, September 22, 1941
Why yes, this is just how I make instant coffee in the morning. First, I gaze lovingly at the coffee cup. Then I grin at the spoonful of instant coffee while holding it suspended above the cup. Nope, not in a hurry at all! Not cranky. Not exhausted. Not minding quite when I get that cup of coffee, not at all.

But wait, there's more. As I pour the hot water into the cup, I make a cute I-am-concentrating face. And then I hold up the cup to an imaginary camera and raise my eyebrows while my whole face says YAY.

And I am doing all of this in an inch-thick layer of makeup. Including brows so pointy I could probably open a can of coffee with them.

How can they possibly say that this is "without the work"?

Oh, well. I guess this was all new in 1941, new and exciting. Actually, instant coffee had been around since 1901, when inventor Satori Kato brought it to the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York. It was first sold around 1910 (I'll see if I can get an ad from around then, sometime). But Nescafé had just put an improved version on the market in 1938 and they were ready to party.

So I guess this was quite exciting. And at least she wasn't using hot tap water, right? You have to change back into your old housedress and wipe off the makeup before you're allowed to do that.


Barbara said...

Let's see - fill a percolator with water and coffee. Plug in. Enjoy several cups.


Boil water, pour in cup, add coffee. Enjoy one cup. Boil more water, repeat.

Yeah, percolator wins!

Eric said...

I like the instant coffee of the future. I hand the lady in the green apron my $5 and I get instant coffee, however I order it.

The Lady's Lounge said...

I put espresso in the machine, steam soy milk and lay my morning face on the counter and drool until the coffee is ready.
It's an art...

Proudmommyandwifey said...

I love instant coffee in the morning. It's aroma makes me really fully awake in the morning - fill boiled water on my mug, add coffee and cream, grab a straw and sip the coffee until I can feel its warmth on my tummy:).

Mommy Kennedy said...

Yes, and my hair looks as perfect as her's in the morning too :)

Shieldmaiden96 said...

Was this back in olden times before coffee was a drug? Cause I can get my retro ladyface on like that, but I don't go near my head with hairpins or makeup until I have had three, maybe four cups of the stuff.