Sunday, November 28, 2010

Terry and the Pyrex

Yes, Bill loves Terry's cooking now. Well, he'd better. He's already a disembodied head. Plus if he doesn't act happy, he is going to get those turkey legs right up his nose.

Not only that, but Terry has an ArtBeck Meat Baster, too. Look at how she's holding it - like a weapon! There's "nothing like it," indeed. And it is made of capitalized PYREX. Bill may also be made of PYREX. We just don't know.

Having said all that, basters are really helpful when you are making gravy - there was a year or two in between us losing our ancient one, and buying another. Don't ask. The only reason I can think of for our baster procrastination is that we only have turkey once a year (we get takeout on Canadian Thanksgiving).  Anyway, it was such a drag trying to make non-greasy gravy without one of these things. Also basting the turkey with a spoon was no picnic either.

But I still don't know why the ArtBeck baster top is as big as Bill's head. I think Terry may know. But I wouldn't want to ask her, not with her holding a panful of piping hot turkey legs.

Title from the comic strip/radio serial/50s TV show Terry and the Pirates, see here; also a 1940 movie, over here.


Laura said...

At least Bill can eat all the turkey and stuffing he likes and never worry about his figure. Why worry about something if it just isn't there. :D

P.L. Frederick said...

Do you ever write in to the addresses in these old ads? I wonder what'd happen if a person sent 25¢ (or whatever) to the old-timey address, might they get a package in the mail containing the genuine PYREX Artbeck Meat Baster? Postage stamped 1950s? Would they? WOULD they?!

P.L. Frederick (Small & Big)

IludiumPhosdex said...

Which brings to mind an episode of Ed, Edd & Eddy on TOON which saw the Eds finding a discarded lot of turkey basters in the neighbourhood dump, which Eddy (the "brains" of the trio) decides to sell as "Canadian Squirt Guns" to the neighbourhood kids--and in the end, the Kanker Sisters, the scourge of the cul-de-sac, get wise to the Eds and deploy same, filled with rather low-grade perfume, on the Eds in their perennial antics of attempting to win their affections.

Marcheline said...

Bill's just glad the baster is being used for turkey, and not so that crazy illustrated woman can procreate! I mean, what would they really do with a bunch of smaller disembodied heads rolling around the house?

Lidian said...

Laura - Yes, absolutely!

P.L. - You know, I think about doing that SO often! We really ought to try it sometime (except I think maybe the address either won't exist anymore, or else someone would receive the letter and get SO confused).

IludiumPhosdex - Of course, we don't REALLY use them as squirt guns here in Canada. Well, not that much ;)

Marcheline - Yeah, that's true, that would not be cool at ALL.