Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Thanksgiving Ad to Verse: Lose Some, Windex Some

Windex Thanksgiving Life Nov 16 1942
Life, November 16, 1942 - bigger version here
 [The stanzas in italics are from the ad on your left, and the stuff in normal font is what I've tacked on. Happy Thanksgiving!]

There's no doubt this lady
Is sadder than most
In fact she's all ready
To give up the ghost.

She's faced with a
Thanksgiving dinner for ten
And a window-wash job
Big enough for six men.

But wait! Inspiration
arrives just in time -
Doesn't WINDEX clean windows
so fast it's sublime?

Well, this poem goes on
You can imagine just how -
Missy sprays on the Windex
And avoids having a cow.

But really, does not
She have more pressing worries
The turkey is frozen,
Uncle Jake prefers curries,

The potatoes are lumpy
And the peas are a problem
They're so mushy and stewed
Even Fido won't gobblem.

And no one likes turnips
Which of all the side dishes
Is the only one finished
Surely this lady wishes

For something more culinary
And sooner, not laterer -
The heck with clean windows,
Unless WINDEX is a caterer.


vanilla said...

In preparation for dinner guests, I cleaned the bathrooms. I guess I did the mirrors with the same rag I used on the lavatory. (Well, why not?) Anyway, even the guests commented on the mirrors, to the wife's embarrassment and my chagrin.

James said...
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James MacAdam said...

Happy Thanksgiving right back atcha!

P.L. Frederick said...

Magnificent. I never trust cheap substitutes, that's why I get my fill of poetry only from Kitchen Retro. Kitchen Retro: The only site that does windows. Except Microsoft.

P.L. Frederick (Small & Big)