Friday, November 12, 2010

A Zesty After-Dinner Plot

What does this picture say?

It asks the perennial question: What on earth did they serve at that dinner party? Everybody is asleep, or close to it. Even the two guys who are (just about) standing up.

Except for the hostess, apparently, and one lucky friend. They are full of pep and Virginia Dare wine, which they have not shared with anyone else. Half a bottle each, a nice well-balanced meal. They served everyone else turkey basted with Benadryl gravy, followed by glasses of warm milk.

Virginia Dare wine is so "zesty" that it actually wakes you up, you see. It's the espresso of alcoholic beverages. "The only wine of its kind in the world" - no kidding. But I still want to know what those two are plotting, don't you?

The 1944 ad is from Graphic Design TJS Labs.


Barbara said...

Virginia Dare - The Wine With Speed!

Bill said...

Virginia Dare Wine!
So zesty & full of pep that we named it after a little dead girl from the Lost Colony of North Carolina! Cheers!

Marcheline said...

I love how they blame it all on the husband, who served the guests "his idea of a beverage".

What, chunks of cement? Or maybe he just tilted an empty bottle over some empty glasses, saying "Here is my idea of a beverage!"

And I demand an illustration of the next party - where everyone is "alert and gay". Egads, laughing too hard to type!

vanilla said...

"Benadryl gravy--". Ha,ha!

Kath Lockett said...

I thought the answer to the what the picture says was 'We need someone to colour us in.'