Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mrs. Snickerdoodle's Mistake

The Hotel Register Etiquette Mistakes Pop Mech Nov 1922This is the third kind of horrible mistake you might make if you don't have the Book of Etiquette advertised in the November 1922 Popular Mechanics. The first was eating olives with a fork, as you may recall, and the second was wearing informal dress to a formal dinner.

And it gets worse! This time, our ill-mannered hero has been put into time out and we are peering over the shoulder of a lady registering at a hotel. She is checking out the other names in the register. Why is that, exactly? Is she looking for someone? I sense a shady assignation. But no, the book is not going to mention that (too bad). The problem is not that she's meeting up with Mr. Nick Carraway, the seedy traveling salesman, but that she has registered incorrectly. Oh, the horror! She has signed in as Mrs. Alice Snickerdoodle when, as a divorcée, she should sign the register as Mrs. Flapper Snickerdoodle. Flapper being her maiden name, you see - this is the correct thing to do.

Never mind, Alice. Just cross the whole mess out and sign in as Miss Betty Boop. Then there will be no etiquette problem at all. Although the lemon-faced hotel clerk in the three piece suit might get a little suspicious.


Tori Lennox said...

Registering at hotels is soooo tricky.

Lauren Axelrod said...

And here I thought things such as this didn't exist anymore. Are there actually hotels making guests sign in?

Bill said...

Her first faux pas was the divorce. It doesn't really matter what she does now; she's doomed to a life of registering at sleazy hotels.

Lidian said...

Tori - It certainly is.

Lauren - I don't think so any more, thanks to online reservations etc. Thank goodness we can scratch this mistake off our list!

Bill - I fear that you are right!