Monday, December 6, 2010

The Surrealist Camera

Here's a little respite from our 1920s etiquette posts - just because it's Monday, and I need a brightly-colored image to wake me up before I go out to hunt down some holiday bargains (ugh).

There is a terrific book called Photoanalysis by Robert U. Akaret which shows how you can decipher ordinary family snapshots by looking at people's expressions and body language in relation to each other. I used to have a copy. I'm going to order another from Amazon, because it is such a great book (and used copies are cheap, hurrah!).*

I can only imagine what Robert U. Akaret would make of this little moment in time, over on your left. The camera has a misleading name. It is not a Realist at all. If it was, it would show that:

-That lady is as glazed as a supermarket fruit pie, and somewhat less fresh.

-The kid is about to start screaming. He's probably overtired. How exciting is a tree, anyway? Soon he will be batting at and breaking the ornaments. Which will not go over well.

- And Dick Van Dyke wants to go watch the game in the den right now. Well, right after he puts more peroxide on his hair.

Santa is jolly pleased to be both outside the frame and small enough to escape on the giant camera. Note that he is turned primarily in the opposite direction, ready to book once the kid breaks that ornament and nerves get frayed - in Technicolor. Body language doesn't lie!

Many thanks to Wishbook, who found this fabulous ad and put it on Flickr.

* Speaking of Amazon, I have a nifty gear fab Amazon store now - just one click away, over on the sidebar to your right. Lots of retro holiday stuff plus my favorite section - a veritable vintage buffet of retro cookbooks, mostly from the 1950s. Imagine the Jell-O recipes you could find in them!

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vanilla said...

"glazed as a super-market fruit pie"

Good one!