Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wicked Fresh As Winter Mountain Snow

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Toms of Maine. All opinions are 100% mine.

Tom's Of Maine has been around for 40 years - a company not only known for quality products (dental products, deodorant, and soap) but for its work for people, communities and conserving the planet. And this looks like the year that I am going to finally treat myself to some of their terrific products. I always knew that it was a "good brand" but I didn't realize just how good it was. I've seen the Wicked Fresh Toothpaste and Wicked Fresh Mouthwash in my favorite health food/organics store and I think, gee, those look SO good, but I have lots of toothpaste at home and I had better use it up, etc.
Recently, my lips and tongue started feeling numb several times a day and for the longest time I could not figure it out. After a lot of research on the internet - and some scientific testing - I figured out that it was a sensitive-teeth toothpaste I was using. That made me think about all the stuff they put in regular toothpaste - chemicals and so on. So you can imagine what good timing writing this post has been!
Wicked Fresh Toothpaste (which comes in peppermint or spearmint flavor) is made from a patent-pending botanical extract and peppermint oil. It makes your teeth clean and fresh, and protects you from cavities without harsh chemicals. And the Wicked Fresh Mouthwash? Also fabulous and totally lives up to its name. It keeps bad breath away without burning your mouth - something I've never liked about regular mouthwash. I recommend them both.
There's a That's Wicked Fresh contest page  where you can win Wicked Fresh Prizes over at the Tom's of Maine site click here. You need to tell them about a Wicked Fresh moment in your life, and you can win a $500, $250 or $100 Target gift card. That really IS wicked! Here's what you need to do: follow them on Twitter at @TomsofMaine, then tweet your Wicked Fresh moment. If you like Tom's of Maine over at Facebook, you'll get a bonus entry.
I'm in Canada and alas we have no Targets (sigh - maybe someday!), so please, go there and have tons of fun in my place! I'll tell you a Wicked Fresh moment in my life though - for free: 
Years ago, out in British Columbia, we went cross country skiing in the mountains. It was beautiful - pristine, white everywhere, and wicked is exactly the word for how cold it was.  When evening started to fall, we went to a hot spring. Got in our bathing suits, rushed outside and into a hot, hot sulphur pool. Sat there looking at the sky, which had turned deep blue and filled up with stars. A light, lacy snow started falling on us in the perfectly hot pool. Wicked Fresh, indeed. click here

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Cari Hislop said...

We don't have their product over here in England, not that I've seen, or I'd give them a go. My poor teeth hate me, though not as much as they hate the dentist. That last visit I nearly had my nasal cavity ruptured. There's nothing like paying someone to torture you.

I tried that 1952 recipe you wrote about for 'cookies that almost bake themselves'. There was no sugar on the list of ingredients so I added some brown sugar and threw in some M&M's. Fresh out of the oven they were lovely; really soft and light. I did have to add a bit of extra flour, but maybe in 1952 the flour was more coarse.

Have a Merry tasty Christmas!