Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Bread and Butter Waffle Letter

Bread and Butter Waffles Life Oct 17 1955The bread and butter letter is what you write to thank people for a lovely visit, when you get home. And though this post is mainly to thank you for your detective work on the last post, I also want to let you know how much I enjoy visiting your blogs and being friends and all that...I don't comment enough, really, so it's high time for this. In fact, you deserve more than plain bread and butter. Make it bread and butter waffles, with plenty of Log Cabin Syrup straight out of 1955 (big version here).

So...thank you all so much for your amazing detective work on Muriel's bridal blunder! I have just had a look at the Weddings chapter of the Book of Etiquette, which as Barbara noted, is on line right over here (the link will take you to the beginning of the chapter). I think that as a lot of you said, her mistake was taking Bob the groom's arm and not her father's. But then Bob was supposed to be waiting at the altar, not hanging around the church door. What the heck is he doing there? I think it was Bob who made the first blunder, really. After all, this is a guy who does not know how to "dispose" (as he so charmingly puts it) of his dance partners.

Many thanks to everyone, in no special order at all, including:

Barbara at if i didn't have a sense of humor, a fantastically funny retro-ads blog that I love

Heather, one of my new genealogy friends, at the excellent Nutfield Genealogy
Stephanie, who inspires me to keep writing fiction because she is quite amazing, at Rockets and Dragons

Bill at Life on Planet Bill - one of Kitchen Retro's earliest readers and friends, who has a great blog with amazing photographs

Cari Hislop at Regency Romance Novels, a terrific novelist who has made so many fabulous comments on Kitchen Retro posts old and new, that I can't possibly thank her enough

Kath Lockett at Blurb from the Burbs one of my favorite blogs ever, so go visit right now!

Eric Edelman (fellow New Yorker!) at Art of Retro Collage, an amazing collagist and found-object sculptor

Mags L. Halliday at stripedpolkas, a compedium of "well designed, interesting or curious things"  - just my kind of place!

Marcheline at Mental Meatloaf (how can you resist a blog title like that?), another new pal who has, like Cari, written so many wonderful and witty comments on KR posts that I can't possibly thank her enough either, except to tell you to go read her right now, her blog is fab!

RelaxMax at Clarity2011, who always makes me think (but he doesn't know that because I don't always have a good comment to show for my mental endeavors)

and VeggieMama, whose recipes are reviving my menu plans, which at present have all the verve of the sad lettuce at the back of the crisper drawer (fear not, sad lettuce, help is on the way, although you are probably compost-bound)

and thank you paula, too, who did not leave a link.

I think I got everyone there. I hope so! And I hope that you all know how much I appreciate you, because - I do. That includes all of you who didn't or don't comment, I understand, believe me, I'm the same way mostly myself! Thank you for reading my stuff here and elsewhere  - an incredible thing for an introverted writer sequestered at a desk piled with notebooks and papers and heaven-knows-what-else.

And - maybe we should do more posts like that one! What do you think?


Art of RetroCollage said...

Thank you, from one Retro to another!

Alphonse: After you, Gaston!

Gaston: "No, after you, Alphonse!

Kath Lockett said...

Thanks Laura - your site is so witty it makes me jealous. And addicted :)

Cari Hislop said...

You can't see, but I'm blushing! All I can say is thank YOU for your funny lovely posts! That night I discovered your blog I was feeling really low. And then there was your blog...and I cried with laughter half the night. You can't laugh that hard and not feel better! So thank you!!!!

Mags said...

Thanks to you for featuring the puzzle in the first place!

These etiquette ones are brilliant. The great arcane mysteries of the things that were once 'obviously' wrong...

Relax Max said...

I think you should try to find some more mysteries for us to try to solve. :)

Thanks. I've never had a link from such an illustrious site before. It took my server down for 2 days.

:) :)

Barbara said...

Hey...thanks for the shout out! Now I'm sure to get loads of followers!


Bringing Pretty Back said...

I just discovered your adorable blog tonight! I can not wait to read more. Thank you for sharing all of these fabulous links!
Have a pretty day!

Lidian said...

Eric - Merci beaucoup!

Kath - Consider it a mutual admiration society. And also, I wish you didn't live so far away :)

Cari - Thank you, you can't begin to know how worth-it-all that makes it (not to sound like a Pollyanna, but it really does)

Mags - I have a terrible scan of an article from the 50s entitled "Are You A Social Schmo?" which might lead to another puzzle...

Max - I don't believe KR has ever been called illustious, so thaks (I think). And I'm sorry about your server, which absolutely did NOT deserve a tip ;)

Barbara - You deserve tons more followers!

Kristin - Thank you! I am going to go visit you right now :)

Veggie Mama said...

Ooh-er, I'm on here!! What fun! Thanks! Usually I just lurk around, not saying much :) I do love your stuff though, I've got such a thing for vintage ads.