Friday, January 7, 2011

Everything But the Kitchen String

String Kitchen Life Aug 6 1945
Life, August 6, 1945
"This string is all I need to plan my NEW kitchen!"

Uh huh. And all I need to redesign the back porch is - let me see -  this paper clip! And, um...see this rubber band? I am going to be writing my first symphony with that. Oh, and look - there's an old piece of cardboard. I am going to design a two-story addition on that as soon as I tear the address label off.

Oh, I'm kidding. I know what this confident 1945 gal means, I guess. And so does her mother. She'd better! Doesn't Mom look - bemused? Yes, you're planning your new kitchen with a string. Very nice. Just try not to inhale too much more airplane glue down on the assembly line, dear.

Of course, the string is helping her make that plan on the piece of paper. But doesn't she make the actual kitchen reno sound way too easy? We redid our kitchen a few years ago - someone had put fake brick and shingles all over the walls for a start (never mind the dark brown fridge and Harvest Gold oven)...but it took a long time, and it was messy. And expensive. And washing the dishes down in the laundry sink was not as easy as waving a piece of string around, either. That's all I'm saying.

The picture at the bottom shows Jack, home from the war (good thing he changed into a suit before venturing into that new kitchen) only to be surprised that Millie has redesigned the whole house.* Because she has a whole ball of that kitchen string. You know what that means.

You can check out the big version here. And coming up soon: some unusual retro recipes - the sort of thing that Millie is pulling out of that oven. Just check out how worried she looks!.

*She'll have to wait though, because Crosley wasn't making kitchen furnishings during the war - but they promised they would later, so keep those pieces of string and bits of paper handy!


Con Artist Trickster said...

Wow, reading this classic ad is like reading a comic page. I wonder if people back then read all the text alongside the picture.

Da Dude said...
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Da Dude said...

If you notice, in the bottom picture she is bending over with her butt facing her man. Do you think she invented the string bikini bottom so her man would pay for the new

Yes, I know.. I'm a sexist pig.

feefioto said...

MacGyver could do it.