Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kitchen Sink Sunday

Clean Typewriter Pop Sci Feb 1957
Popular Science, Feb. 1957
I have a lot of odds and ends in my head, sort of like the dishes and glasses and things in the kitchen sink. Hence the title. And the image (which I'll tell you about in a minute). And I wanted to post. So here's the scoop:

- I've started a writing blog. It isn't "live" yet and I don't quite know when it will be, but I've been thinking for some time that I need one of those. Because I'm back tinkering with the mystery novel, but in a more fantastical Goreyesque mad-Victorian way. I've been at this story since the early 90s (it's kind of a chameleon, but the basic stuff is about the same) and last year I thought I only wanted to write non-fiction. But now...I think I'm onto something. I love Unfortunate Events and Edward Gorey and am even getting a bit into steampunk and...maybe this sort of thing should go on the writing blog...

Any suggestions for writer's groups on line? I belong to a few but have just set up the page there and then didn't do much...Scribblerati, She Writes, Writer's Digest. Sigh. What works for you, writing friends?

- Apropos of that, it's hard to juggle retro blogging and history/genealogy blogging. I want it all! And yet there are only so many hours in the day. And only so many creative brain cells in a head, etc. I seem to have Kitchen Retro as my alpha blog, trailed by the other two where I post now and again. Seems to work for now but I may retire one or two (not Kitchen Retro, though! I love it here!) because - well, see above. I hate the thought of retiring a blog but...ugh, cannot do everything. And I have tended to use blogging as a way to avoid creative writing. Yeah, I do. Hey, I may even be doing that right now! The writing blog would have the seeds of chapters, and stuff about the world-of-the-novel that I'm creating. So, not a means of avoiding. The opposite, really.

- If and when the writing blog goes public I will let you know.

- It feels like I'm jinxing things, talking about this. I've done that before. But hey, if it doesn't work out, at least I've given it my best shot. And even then - I'll probably have a break and then try again.

- And now, for the kitchen/retro part of the post: yes, apparently you can wash your typewriter in the kitchen sink. I've linked to the article, if you want lots of detailed instruction, but basically you take it apart, get all the little bits off. Don't forget to take the ribbon off! Then dunk it in your favorite dish detergent. Scrub thoroughly with a vegetable brush. After that, you can oil it and put it back together - although I think I'd be like Lucy Ricardo when she takes the TV apart and pretends to be on her own TV show (she "broadcasts" by getting inside the chassis and singing). She puts all the TV innards on a little rolling cart.  That's the Vitameatavegemin episode (it's really called "Lucy Does a TV Commercial" though).


Marcheline said...

I wish I had a suggestion for you regarding the writing. I just know I'm J.K. Rowling, deep inside. Very, very deep inside.

Also, I'm a "non-joiner" - so I would never seek out a group for any writing enterprise. Just a quiet place with no telephones, no televisions, no radios, and plenty of red wine.

Twisting the Spanner said...

Tried that with my laptop once. Didn't work out so well. :(

I never know what to make of online writing groups, so I've tended to avoid them. I could be wrong, but they mostly seem to be populated by people who either (a) tell you how good you are or (b) show off about how brilliant they are. Neither is much use, really.

I could be wrong (I probably am)! If you have any success, let me know. I'd be interested in hearing about any good writer's groups!