Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ale Be Seeing You

Plane Sailing for Lindy Vintage Ad Browser
Vintage Ad Browse
The young Colonel went up in the air and the world went with him...PICKWICK is something else again but its flight of popularity has covered every corner of the nation.

Even in the 1920s, the advertising people were trying to make the consumer feel like a super-active superhero just by sitting in an armchair and swigging ale. Ale is a slightly sweet, fruity, full-bodied type of beer made with malted barley and hops (more about ale right over here).

Pickwick Ale was among the most popular beers brewed by Rudolf Haffenreffer (whose tiny Wikipedia entry is here) at the Naragansett Brewing Company of Rhode Island. Pickwick was later made by the Falstaff Brewing Company (lots of Haffereffer info and a picture of a Pickwick bottle over there). In 1999 they started making Pickwick Ale again, so you too can pretend to be Lucky Lindy making aviation history.

Almost a disembodied head, but not quite, Charles Lindbergh's cartoon alter ego sails into the sky in a miniature version of the Spirit of St. Louis - in this case, I guess it's the Spirit of Pickwick Pale Ale, really. The enormous Lindbergh Head looks happy, despite the Moe Howard haircut he has just had courtesy of a Three-Stooges-inspired barber armed with a gigantic mixing bowl.

I doubt that he's going to get across the Atlantic like that, though.


vanilla said...

"Three-Stooges-inspired barber armed with a gigantic mixing bowl."

Great line! No ale for me, though, thank you very much.

Marcheline said...

I'll have an ale - thank you very much! I've been to Charles Lindburgh's grave.

No, those two sentences had absolutely nothing in common.