Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Floor Show and the Critics

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Oh sure, now I can polish my floor without rubbing.

But apparently there is a price to pay for that. I seem to be on display to any snoopy old snobs who happen to wander into my house.

How on earth did Mr. and Mrs. Sneering-Codger get in? I'm pretty sure I locked the door when I came home after buying this very floor wax.

I guess they brought along that gold-plated heirloom lock-picker that Esmeralda Sneering-Codger was bragging about down at the Piggly Wiggly. I don't think she really shops there, it's not fancy enough for her, she just follows me around and tells me what to buy. And shows me all the expensive stuff she carries in her purse.

Anyway, I wasn't in a very good mood to begin with. It was one of those days, full of burnt toast and soured milk and the last thing I felt like doing was the wretched floor but someone has to do it and oh, guess what, it turns out to be me! Catch Harold doing it? No sir, he's too busy polishing his hair with Brylcreem.

Now if only this Old English stuff makes the floor really really shiny - and slippery - maybe I could just show my guests out...the quick way.


Bill said...

I suspect you've captured what's really going on here quite well. Piggly Wiggly was the first self-service grocery store chain in the nation, and I doubt that Esmeralda Sneering-Codger was into self-service of any sort.

vanilla said...

Judging by the look on Mrs. Murphy's face, I'd say the S-Cs are standing way too close to her.