Friday, March 11, 2011

On Greasy Street

Hi Hat Chips Pop Mech Jul 1935
Popular Mechanics, July 1935
Never mind freelance writing. Just think of all the money I could be making in my kitchen with this incredible potato chip business. Look how happy the woman in the ad is.

It looks easy enough. First I have to "install the wonderful new machine." It appears to be a large tin box with a potato peeler attached to the side. Oh sure, that'll fit in my little kitchen. Unfortunately, the only place I have room for it is where the table and chairs are now. You know, where we eat meals.

Oh, never mind. No one will object, I'm sure - not when they realize how much money we are going to be pulling in! They can just eat sandwiches, standing around the box. Admiring it. Maybe even watching me make "Greaseless" Potato Chips.

Maybe I will even throw a "Greaseless" Chip or two on their plates. So, there will be fine dining and big, big profits. 

Do not call them "Greaseless" Chips when you are selling them. You must call them "Hi Hat Chips." Why? No one knows, really. Oh, and mind the hot oil that we're cooking them in. No, it isn't grease. It's -"grease." And also, we are going to extract the oil from the chips. Somehow.

This amazing 1930s-era opportunity comes to you direct from the retro capital of weird ventures - where else but - Chicago! Yes, just hit that "Retro Chicago" tag below for a whirlwind tour of everything from cake shampoo to exciting detective work - all courtesy of the Windy City. I am absolutely going to write a retro-ads guidebook to Chicago, one of these days.


Marcheline said...

I wonder how many suckers bought into this scheme, and how many ended up sitting in front of their own televisions in their underwear, eating "greaseless" chips and waiting for the welfare check.

Irene said...

Haha...I love this! Thanks for making me giggle this Friday night!

dddiva said...

LMAO too funny thanks for sharing.

Kath Lockett said...

Lordy, even the woman in the ad isn't smiling. Lips sliding shut due to the grease I suppose....