Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Partified Forest

Partify Kate Smith's Jello Life Oct 4 1943
Life, Oct. 4, 1943 [big version here]
If you are having a party, then you must partify. Oh, haven't you heard about this verb? No? Well, it involves Jell-O. Of course it does. Because nothing says "fancy" like a box of Jell-O.

Potato salad on its own, for example, is very boring. Add lime gelatin and a lot of deviled eggs and some yellow sauce on top (I couldn't figure out what it was, they don't say in the recipe). And voilĂ  - it is partified! Or possibly petrified. One or the other.

For added uneasiness, garnish with one singing disembodied head (this one is singer and radio personality Kate Smith). Yes, another eerie, floating head! They seem to keep popping up in these old ads. I am definitely including some of these in my novel because they make me laugh and then, on further reflection, seem very weird and strange. A perfect combination, in other words.

Title - which was nearly "Lime and Again" (an equally almost-but-not-quite title as "The Partified Forest") - from the 1936 movie The Petrified Forest, which just happens to be set in a diner. Where they may have served frightening gelatin molds. It would make sense artistically, I think. Take a look at the movie poster: Bette and Leslie have the exact expressions of guests who have just been confronted with Humphrey Bogart and Party Potato Salad.


Barbara said...

I'm having a party Saturday night. It will be on my agenda to make sure everyone Partify's!!!!

PS: You can NOT "partify" potato salad by adding Jello. You just CAN'T.

Barbara said...

PS: The yellow on top is Jello. The recipe says so!

Marcheline said...

Ew. Ew. And - did I mention EW?

Potato salad - love it! Jello (ALONE) - love it!

Why, oh why did they insist on combining foods that were never meant to be eaten in the same meal together, nevermind touch the same plate???

Hot dogs with caramel sauce, potato salad with Jello... the list of possible calamities is endless.

And they should have left poor Kate Smith on the radio, pictureless. Egads.

I just had to share my word verification for this post: "shloc"

Exactly! 8-)

Bill said...

I'm looking around the office for things to partify.
Maybe I could encase the stapler in Jell-O as seen in The Office. It seems more appetizing than potatoes in gelatin.

Nonna Beach said...

I will just add to the other comments and say "Ewwwwwww...too. Nice blog !!!

I am also a fan of "Time Travel Kitchen" blog !

Kath Lockett said...

You've set a challenge for the weekend - PARTIFY!

I have some leftover dolmades and stuffed peppers - PARTIFY!