Monday, March 28, 2011

Raisin Hell

Raisin Hell Detail Life Oct 7 1940
Life, October 7, 1940
...These Sun Maid Raisins sure taste swell!
But is that any reason
To use them randomly, committing
Culinary treason?

A sticky icky raisin brick
From the Sun Maid box you'll fish
In order to enliven roasts
And any plain old dish

That may be sitting unsuspecting
On the counter, ready
To serve to diners who don't know
There's raisins in their spaghetti*

And in that fancy cheese souffle
And also in Mexican rice
Sure, stick some raisins in each course
Because they're really nice -

Now, in fruitcakes and in puddings
And in pies, you should be able
To add some dehydrated grapes
And stick them on the table

But salads? Souffles? Sandwiches?
All raisin free, I beg.
On this, grinning Sun Maid heads can't stand
Upon a single leg.

* Yes, the ad up there is suggesting that we put Sun Maid raisins in spaghetti. Also in meat loaf, cheese souffle, salads and sandwiches. And Mexican rice. Ugh.


Kath Lockett said...

YOU, dear talented lady, need to release a book. It'd be hilarious and we'd all buy it!

DearHelenHartman said...

Raisins in the cookies, yum, yum, yum. Raisins in the spaghetti? Mama's been hitting the happy pills early today. Love your blog, so happy to have found it.

ceemee said...

I can't imagine raisins everywhere! They also give off a dark color that makes some salad dressing unappetizing.

Marcheline said...

Raisins are just humiliated grapes.

- from "Gilbert Grape"

Relax Max said...

You haven't lived until you try raisins in spaghetti. Pure heaven. Rabbits lay raisins, you know. :)

Anonymous said...

Actually, the "humiliated grape" quote is from "Benny and Joon." Both star Johnny Depp, so I can see where you might get flustered and forget which is which!

dddiva said...

Mmmm appetizing- not. Hehe I agree, write a book, you are one of my fave stops when I have time to hop around.

RetroRuth said...

Hilarious!!! In spaghetti?? Ugh!

Bill said...

Oh, for heaven's sake, let your hair down & put raisins in absolutely everything! How about raisns in ground beef for delicious raisinburgers on the grill? Or perhaps a handful of raisins in your favorite potato salad? I'll bet you've never tried scrambled eggs with raisins - what are you waiting for?!?
Raisins: the universal food, endorsed by floating heads everywhere.

Art of RetroCollage said...

I've already been grossed out by raisins in ice cream. This post is really a nightmare!