Monday, March 21, 2011

Uncle Matt and the Meatball

Uncle Matt and the Meatball Life Aug 5 1940
Life, August 5, 1940
I usually try to find a hilarious (sort of) title for posts on my own, but this lovely ad from 1940 (bigger version here) already had a title that I couldn't improve upon. Perfection. Just like Millie's dinner dilemma and its thrilling outcome.

Gee, I was mad! Joe's Uncle Matt invited himself to dinner at the last minute.

Sing it, sister. I would be, too. But I guess I'd just serve Uncle Matt what we were going to have anyway. Hope you like leftover chili, sir. But Millie decides to go All Out with Birds Eye this, that and the other: Birds Eye chopped meat made into meatballs (big surprise!), Birds Eye frozen spinach, and Birds Eye wax beans. Why, Millie loves Birds Eye so much she even appears to have a Birds Eye plaque up on her wall. Maybe Biff put up the painting of Uncle Matt next to it.

But I don't know why she's so darn happy that Uncle Matt is a man about whom one says not "He is so much fun" or "Oh Biff, look at the nice bottle of wine your uncle brought" but "Gee, can that man put away food!"

Result, aside from everyone talking about the merits of Birds Eye all evening? Uncle Matt declares that he is coming to Sunday dinner every week from now on. Millie, you really should have just dished out a scoop of last week's chili.


vanilla said...

Oh, yes. Millie goofed. The manager of our kitchen would have added a pint of water to the soup! She knows how it's done.

Barbara said...

Oh yeah? In the days before microwaves, how did she thaw that chopped steak in time for dinner, HUH? I think Millie gave him rat burgers instead. Millie was sneaky like that.

Bill said...

"Uncle Matt declares..."
People don't declare things nearly enough these days. Folks did it all the time in the old Nancy Drew stories. Bess & George declared this & that. Hannah Gruen declared that Nancy wasn't eating enough. Carson Drew declared that Nancy was a level-headed girl, even though she fell off a cliff or got locked in a belfry every week.
I'm just skidding in briefly in my roadster. I've pined for Kitchen Retro, but I've been working in the salt mines. (waves good-bye and speeds off)

dddiva said...

Hahahah that's hysterical. I do believe the darling hubs would be wearing the dinner in this family. I would have been a rotten homemaker in the "good old days".

Marcheline said...

What Millie doesn't realize is that SHE'S the meatball in this story!