Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Manhattan Brunch

Manhattan Brunch 1 Life Oct 4 1954Manhattan Brunch 2 Life Oct 4 1954
 An old New York custom? Maybe they mean serving meals on city maps. Yeah, just try finding your way up to the Guggenheim after you've spilled orange juice and pecan topping all over the Upper East Side.

Anyway, this is supposed to be a Manhattan brunch. As imagined by the American Can Company, which happened to be in Manhattan. Does this give them culinary street cred? Um, not really. Check out the recipes here and here. And I think you'll agree that corned beef hash from a can with an egg on top is not typical of a fancy Waldorf breakfast. Same goes for coffee cake made with peach baby puree. Or, indeed, anything that from a recipe book called Quick Trick Cooking (you can order that with the coupon at bottom right).
Rossini: Ready for brunch!
...It's all very well to make fun, but maybe they really did serve some kind of corned beef hash with an egg plopped on top, at the Waldorf. You don't really know (I said to myself as I was writing the above) do you? So I did a little looking around. The answer: the American Can Company folks never had breakfast at the Waldorf. Now on the modern-day Waldorf menu you can have Corned Beef Hash as a "Breakfast Addition" - but it isn't a showpiece dish with the egg and everything. An 1896 Waldorf breakfast menu shows plenty of egg dishes - like Eggs Meyerbeer (eggs with lamb kidneys) -   And a breakfast menu from 1907 shows corned beef hash as a side dish - not up with the fancy Eggs Rossini (eggs with chicken livers and mushrooms). See, the American Can Company should have whipped up an egg dish named for a composer - Eggs Gershwin perhaps? And they can use the score of Let 'Em Eat Cake (with the word cake crossed out and eggs written in) as a tablecloth.


Bill said...

As a child, corned beef hash with the sunny-side-up egg plopped in the middle of the mush horrified me.
I'm heading out to dine with friends in a few hours, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that a Canhattan Brunch does not await.

Amy said...

oh man that looks totally disgusting lol

phyllisjanes said...

What's that with the egg? I can't quite figure that out.

- kitchen designs webmaster