Thursday, April 14, 2011

More Truth Than Poultry

Money in Poultry Pop Mech May 1929
Popular Mechanics, May 1929
Dear Mr. Lamon of the National Poultry Institute:

I certainly would like a Big Money-Making Opportunity right NOW. So when you said in your ad that there was one waiting right in my very own backyard, I got up from my desk and raced to the kitchen window and looked out at the backyard, scanning it so eagerly! I was so excited, because it isn't every day that a Big Money Making Opportunity just shows up and starts hanging around our yard.

But all I saw out there was a couple of squirrels fighting over an old Saltine, and the Christmas tree that someone tossed in front of our front walk in February and the garbage men wouldn't take it, so we had to put it in the back.

I don't think the squirrels or that dried up little pine tree was what you meant, though.

Now that I have read some more of your ad I see that you are proposing that we raise some chickens out there. And that in our spare time we can make a few extra thousand dollars a year. That does sound good, Mr. Lamon. However, when you say "no matter where you live - city, town or country" - have you really thought that through? I don't know about Washington, D.C. (District of Chickens!) but in most cities, sir, they frown upon turning urban backyards  into chicken runs. I think there are even some municipal laws to that effect. And so no matter how emphatically and sternly you point to the chickens that happen to be in front of you, I will have to decline your incredible offer.

Sincerely yours, Lidian

P.S. I couldn't help noticing that you are semi-disembodied. And I know that this happens in old ads sometimes. I just -  trust that this has nothing to do with those chickens...Although that would explain why you look really grumpy, even though you are making such amazing profits.


Rebecca said...

Well that's gotta be an old ad! Interesting cause we're trying to establish a backyard flock but building a chicken coop is far beyond my ability, wonder if they gave away free coops with that?!

Marcheline said...

The way he's pointing at those chickens completely cracks me up!



Bill said...

I'm thinking that if someone needs Mr. L to point out the chickens in the ad, they may not be ready for this enterprise.