Monday, April 25, 2011

Running For Scissors

Lady Mutton is proving to be more elusive than I had first thought, so I'll keep her for a future post. I'm also still thinking about doing a writing blog, and messing around with a few I've created in Blogger (oh, and working on Some Fiction, too, incidentally). And writing some stuff for money, elsewhere. In other words, lots going on. And so many as-usual apologies for not responding to comments Like I Should. Thank you all who comment - you are witty and wonderful, and much appreciated!

And now for something completely retro...But first, a tricky question: What is the connection between scissors and Pard Dog Food?

The answer? If you use these scissors to cut the labels off of Pard cans, you can send them in (the labels, not the cans) and get some beautiful scissors back! Quick, ladies. Hurry! Run for scissors. Not with scissors. No, don't do that.

But wait...if you need the scissors to get the scissors, how does this great cycle of gifts-from-cans ever begin? Perhaps it has no beginning and no ending, like the great Circle of Life. Or perhaps you use the scissors you already have. But if you already have scissors - why do you want more scissors?

Oh, that's easy. Just look at the cartoon lady up at the top. She is saying "So perfect for gifts, I ordered three!" So not only are you in perfect harmony with the Great Circle of Life, your Christmas present dilemmas have been solved in April.


IludiumPhosdex said...

I believe such offers as this were quite common in their day as a way to build brand loyalty by offering quality merchandise at popular prices thanks to special purchases.

Kori said...

Too cute! I'm not sure I'd get excited about scissors though lol. Kori xoxo

Bill said...

What, Kori??? Why, there are few things as exciting in life as a good pair of scissors. Anyone who has tried to cut wrapping paper with a shoddy pair knows the cruel heartache. Always be sure they come in pairs, too, because a single scissor is just maddening.

Also, I am nearly certain that many an enterprising homemaker had the family dog gnaw the labels (carefully) off the cans in order to get the first pair of precision-ground scissors.

Marcheline said...

Hey lady, no need to get snippy! 8-)

Anonymous said...

Too funny!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, we still have those chicken or the egg conundrums. Home Hardware flogs a pair of all-purpose scissors and brags that they can cut through those plastic, sealed packages (the ones that are like plastic armour and once you get into the package the edges are as sharp as knives.) Guess what kind of packaging those all-purpose scissors come in?

I'm glad to hear you are busy with writing projects, especially paid writing jobs. I'm still working on finding some of those myself. :\ - G