Friday, April 1, 2011

Viking Sandwiches

Sparkling Salami Life Jun 24 1940
Life, Jun. 24, 1940
So this is how I come up with posts, on Days Like This (pretty much every day, but whatever). I go on to Google Books advanced search and type in the first couple of words that come to mind. Free association and all that. My, how creative. But also not, because I'm maybe half asleep and the things that spring to mind can be awfully strange. For example: the ad on your right. I found it because I have an ad bookmarked for next Christmas about "clever, sparkling, tasty" candy cane ornaments. P.S., they are not especially clever or sparkling. The Clever Candy Cane ad caught my eye because I am so NOT feeling clever or sparkling. Are you smarter than a candy cane? Not today I'm not!

So I went off to look for other non-holiday things that were described as clever or sparkling. Which led me to a line in an article in the June 24, 1940 edition of Life. The article was no good at all for Kitchen Retro. But then I found this (the bigger version is here). How can you resist this! It is truly the ad that Has It All:

- Relationship advice: Just shove a plate of salami at a guy and he's yours forever!

- A play on words (this must be the Clever Part): These delicious Cold Cuts are Short Cuts to a man's heart. Pure poetry.

- Modern innovation: "Visking" Casings! This, of course, is the Sparkling Part. They sound like something Leif Ericson took with him on long sea voyages to wrap daggers in. And they probably are about as tough. If I was not so lazy I would possibly try to expand on this hilariousness...I know! I can add a clip of the Monty Python Vikings who love Spam, at the end. That might work.

- Inane grinning retro people: Bonus points if the guy looks like Zeppo Marx. Check!

- And the optional but always fun Revolting Item touted as something really delicious. Bonus points if there is some suggestiveness involved: May I point out the Cottage Butts* in the ad? There you go.

- Oh, and quotation marks that give the whole ad a slightly sinister, Twilight Zoned feeling. Yes, we have those too! "Visking" Casings. What are they really trying to say?

- One more plus: these here things come from CHICAGO!

Also, I just wrote a freelance thing about German sausages. There are hundreds of kinds, you know. But I don't believe any of them have Visking Casings. Or even Viking Casings. Now I just need a title, I guess. Today I'm going for the slightly odd kind. Sparkling and clever, no (not so tasty either, really). But the kind that people will see (hi, Google!) and think: what in the world is that about? I hope.

* This is a kind of pork roast, I gather.


Dr. Julie-Ann said...

Yummmmm...all of those spare pork parts pressed together in "Visking" casing. Makes me want to run out and get some!

Bill said...

Sausage casings rather weird me out. What are they made of? Wait, I know that's a dangerous question, like asking what the sausage is made of. But, really, are they clear plastic?
I've probably shared this before, but when my grandmother was in her 90's & her tastebuds had dulled, she went on a brief Spam junket. Anyone who visited her got Spam sandwiches with coffee instead of the usual baked treats. Bless her heart.

Lisa said...

"Cold cuts are short cuts to a man's heart" is my new motto. Man alive. That is so funny.

vanilla said...

Great post, even though springing from your quandary about what to post.

The video clip, though, was a reminder to me as to why I never watched Monty Python int he first place.

Amy said...

Hey Lidian, just letting you know I'm back blogging :-)

Lidian said...

Dr. Julie-Ann - Oh, me too!

Bill - Grandmothers are allowed to like any kind of sandwich, aren't they?

Lisa - I'm going to repeat this motto, too, next time there are leftovers/sandwiches on the menu (which should be any minute now, actually).

vanilla - Quandaries sometimes have a purpose, I guess! I wish they always did ;)

Amy -YAY!! I am so glad! Am going to visit you right now :)

dddiva said...

It reminds me of that line that I can't for the life of me remember where it came from- "Oh, just you wait, you'll see- I'm going to go catch me a man." Something about packing a picnic and using it as man bait. Bet she had viking sandwiches in there. ;)

Elisabeth said...

What a wonderful post. I'm new here, lured to you via Kath's blog about the burbs in Australia. Very pleased to meet you.

By the way I hate spam but I relish Month Python.