Monday, May 30, 2011

Catsup in Strange Flavors

Life, March 12, 1965
Hickory flavored ketchup. Pizza flavored ketchup. Or, if you must - and the Hunt's people in 1965 felt it was necessary -  catsup. But the word "catsup" never looks right to me. The cat's up on the table eating that hamburger bun. The cat's up to something, I can tell by the way she's looking at me! But not catsup in flavors.

The word is derived from the Malay word for a Chinese table sauce called  ke-chiap (made of fish and spices) - kechup. So ketchup it is! Not catsup. 

Speaking of which: know what our cat's up to these days? When she drinks water from her bowl, she likes to dip her paw - dunk it, really  - right in the water and then walk around, leaving watermarks on the wooden floor, the rug, a chair - whatever's handy. Does anyone else's cat do this? She just started doing it a few months ago, before it got hot, so it doesn't seem weather related. She has a grand old time doing it and looks so confused when I tell her no!

At least it's only water. Not - har har - ketchup.

Here's the cast of My Three Sons circa 1965, the year of the ad, shilling catsup or ketchup or whatever:


Sandi said...

odd! I never knew there were flavors like that. Not so sure I'd like it.

Sparkle said...

Re your cat: I would say count your blessings. She could be doing many other, worse things.

Dieter Moitzi said...

Mmmm, I wouldn't care checking out that catsup's flavour, to be honest. It does sound weird.
Re. the cat, well, I'm only a dog-owner and my darling fluffy girl always keeps some water in her muzzle-hair when she drinks. So, if she ever got lost, I could find her easily because she leaves a long long water-trail behind. Btw, she does the same thing with her food. There's always some trace of her food in her muzzle-hair. Is she afraid she's not going to be fed anymore? And after eating, she simply loves to come and say hello to my knees, rubbing the rest of her food all over my trousers. Absolutely charming.

vanilla said...

Pizza? Hickory? That's just wrong.
But how did they ever get all four of those actors to say "cats up"?

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

My old man cat did that for years when he was still alive. It always drove me crazy!